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Bolingbrook, IL Friday, 3/17/06

Attendance 26 Report by The Beak

Brain removed from Suicide Watch! Anvil is AWOL

The Brain bounced back from his 12 goal outing with a Meaningful shut out.  Tweedy got the call up to replace the shell shocked Anvil.  He had a busy night holding the Whites to 6 goals, but his team could only manage to beat the Brain 4 times.  Geno had the only meaningful goal of the game as the Brain and the Whites downed the Reds 1-0.  Peoria Art and his son AJ provided half of the 6 White goals.  Geno, Basketball Jones and Johnny Z filled out the rest of the imaginary score sheet.  Tommy Z and Robert G supplied

Perry led us to this fine Toronto  restaurant.

all 4 of the Red goals. 
More Toronto Tales 
Each week we have more Toronto stories trickle out.  Basketball Jones informed me that the Russian Hot Dog vendor, who was so nice to Thor and gave him a package deal at 2 in the morning, turned into the Soup Nazi when Tim talked a little politics with him.  Tim inquired if he was from the Soviet Socialist Republic.  The friendly vendor displayed his irritation with a terse reply, "I am from Russia!"  Tim sharpened the needle a little more and said, "I remember when you had CCCP on your jerseys.  There was tense silence from the now not so friendly vendor.  Basketball Jones went for the jugular and said, "You were a Communist weren't you?  How was it being a commie?  The irate vendor snapped back, "No Hot Dog for you!"
Toronto Photo Story CDs are Ready!
I have a 25 minute Windows Photo Story with over 270 Toronto Road trip photos and 6 great songs that Rich Storm assembled for us.  The CD-ROM version is now on sale for $9.95.  I can have them put into a DVD format for an extra $5.00.  All proceeds will go to my favorite charity for children with a dead beat dad.  Stump will have a DVD video out soon, He is working on a price.  Order Now!
Black Hawks When Nick The Hammer and I went to the Black Hawk Alumni luncheon last Monday, Black Hawk Head coach, Trent Yawney, introduced himself and sat down next to Nick.  I totally forgot he was the head coach, since I haven't been to a game in several years, and I haven't watched them on TV very much, since they don't televise

half of their games. So I start talking to him like he was one of the many Hawk Alumni. I asked him where he was playing now that he is retired and I

invited him out to Bolingbrook for a Friday night skate. He politely told me he gave up playing.  I should have said, so have your players!

Klinger enjoys one of those Russian Sausages before Basketball Jones got us cut off.



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