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Cub-Sox Outing is Cancelled
With great regret, I have to tell you that my friend went to pick up the 90 Cub-Sox game tickets that he was promised and he was told that he could only have 2 this year.  Make your own judgments, but it looks to me like the Sox have taken a page out of the Tribune Company and cut a deal with a scalper.  They assured him that he could get 90 tickets to the Red Sox - White Sox game on Sunday July 9 for the same price.
If you paid me for the Cub-Sox game, and would like to go to the Red Sox game, let me know, and I'll apply your money to the Red Sox game on Sunday, July 9th.

I can also apply your money to the August 26th Golf outing at the 9 hole Waveland Lakefront Golf Course.  That fee is $50.00.  Then I'll only owe you 2 bucks.

If you just want your money back, I will have a refund check for you on Friday, if you let me know.


The Grant Golf outing will be held on June 24th, at Lincolnshire Country Club. 

The fee is $80. All are invited.  Call Grant Importing.



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Bolingbrook, IL Friday, 4/07/06

Attendance 24 Report by The Beak

Thor Stays Hot!

Geno gets 2 More! 
Geno retired and scored 4 goals in 2 weeks, and Thor is averaging a little over a goal a game since he quit smoking and he hasn't had a game stopping "Klinger crash" either.  Tweedy scored 5 goals in his first tobacco free game.  (He quit the chew after Toronto)  What can we learn from this?  If you work, chew or smoke, you can improve your game.  If you smoke, quit.  If you chew, quit and if you work, quit.  Of course, Beak, Klinger, Knarf and Hacksaw don't work, chew or smoke, so they're out of luck. 
The game started out like a rubber war directed at Eddie the Anvil.  He made 10

Somehow Tim missed the Wolfs' game.  Was it the big beer?

tough saves in the first 3 minutes to keep the Whites off of the score board.  Once the Reds got out of the zone, Geno got the Reds off to a comfortable 2 goal Meaningful lead with passes from Tommy Z..  Thor cut the lead in half when he beat the Anvil on a pass from Tweedy.  Robert Granato and Tommy helped the Reds build a 6-4 lead going into the 3rd period.  Rich Storm, and Tweedy supplied the other White goals.  We didn't have Hacksaw's meticulous score keeping, so the correct score was in doubt.  Tweedy asked his Dad for the correct score, Beak told him Reds 6, Whites 4.  Tommy told Beak, "Why did you tell him he was losing, now he will crank it up a notch?"  Sure enough, the score was tied a short time later.  Thor almost scored his second goal of the night when his blast trickled through Eddie's pads and came to rest on the goal line.  It stayed there for a while, until The Flea poked it in.  Perry offered to give the goal to Thor, but that would have wiped out the Red's meaningful lead, so that was not an option.  The dispute was settled at the Buffalo Wild Wings Bar, when Thor and Perry were giver one half of a goal each, so the final Meaningful score was Reds 2, Whites 1,5.  The Meaningless contest ended in an 8-8 tie. 
Reds: Geno 2, Tommy 4, Robert 2
Whites: Rich Storm 1, Thor 1.5, Perry 0.5, Tweedy 5

5 years ago: Cammi Granato and her U.S. Olympic Women's Ice Hockey whipped China 13-0. They fired 64 shots at the Chinese goalie. Cammi had a hat trick and an assist. They also beat Germany 13-0, The Russians 9-0 and Sweden 11-1.

We just returned from our 2nd San Jose trip

Toronto Photo Story CDs are almost gone!
I have a 25 minute Windows Photo Story with over 270 Toronto Road trip photos and 6 great songs.

Duffers had a great time at the Wolfs' hockey game outing.

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We found The King's "Happy Place".  He hasn't missed a Duffer Wednesday lunch at Nicks in Lemont.  He gets to talk NASCAR with our beautiful Barmaid, Karen, while he meets his old transportation friend, Nick "The Hammer".  He was made extra happy when Frank presented him with the Toronto Duffer Road Trip, collector's item, Limited Edition, soon to be on E-Bay, T shirt. 06-04-12 002.jpg (182568 bytes)


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11 Years ago.  Our Referee, "Nick the Hammer" retired and the King made a schedule that assigned each member a day where you had to be the Referee for the night.  Doc Suchy showed up to referee on April 28, 1995, with tooth brushes and tooth paste.  That was his last appearance. Beak was a busy teacher and only published one newsletter each month.  The following is the newsletter for April 1995.





January 1971


Hayward Travel Team

flopped ,turned side ways and slipped into the net.  That looked like a sure winner until Harvey teed one up from a bad angle and scored the tying goal.

April 7


Another thriller!  The Blues checked in at 42.4 years and the Whites tipped the calendar at 41.3.  Tweedy was in the nets for the visitors while The Anvil protected the home net.  It was a game of momentum.  The Whites went up 2-0 early, only to have the Blues storm back with 4 unanswered goals.  The Whites woke up and took a 5-4 lead  with 3 of their own.  With less than 2 minutes to play, Beak tied the meaningless score with a low shot in the corner.  The Home team threw everything at the Blues when they pulled their goalie and added 6 or 7 attackers.  It almost worked, Tweedy was tested to the max. The Blues almost cleared the puck, but Dill Deau kicked it back in to keep the pressure on his goalie.  Time finally ran out on the Whites.  Blues 1. Whites 0.


(left to right) Woody Berserk, Beevis Morgan, Bluto Bryja,
Butt-head, Z-Man, Harvey, Beak and Drano's Beer.

Dates to Remember

March 31


  • 4/21 Harvey's day to Ref.
  • 4/28 Suchy's day to Ref., Last Game of the Year, Last chance to Buy Bowling tickets
  • Summer Hockey starts, $150.00 is due. $50.00 for part timers.
  • 5/27 Bowling for Panties at Tivoli Bowl in Downers Grove.  The King has requested your presence at $15.00 per person.  Thor is taking your food order.  Let him know if you want chicken or chicken.
  • 6/3 or 6/10 Duffer Picnic (Boris is working on the date)
  • 9/8 Full Moon, 25th Season

The road trip rejuvenated the Veteran Duffers.  4 meaningful goals were scored.  Papa Joe started the meaningful parade when he caught a flip pass from Stump and flipped it past Gary the Ghost.  Thor Miller knotted the score with a blast through Eddie the Anvil.  Just when it looked like another 1-1 tie, Beak came out of the corner with the puck.  The Anvil gave Beak 2 inches of daylight between the post and his pads.  Most hockey players  know that the puck needs a minimum of 3 inches if you shoot it right,  but Beak knows that his shot never goes the way it should, so he shot.  You know what happened, the puck flipped,


(Left to Right) Harvey, Beak,Dill Deau, Stump, Kosseroll and Hacksaw. Koss looks like he just took a left hook on his right nostril
11 Years ago.  Beavis broke his leg.  The following link will take you to page 2 of the newsletter for April 1995. Page 2


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