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Bolingbrook, IL Friday, 3/31/06

Attendance 30 Report by The Beak

Anvil bounces Back!

Geno and Brinks get 2 each!  Brinks scored the first goal for the Whites that was set up by his cousin, Robert.  Geno, who was just given a send off at a retirement luncheon a few hours sooner, tied the score with an assist from Tommy Z.  Geno picked up another one a little later, but Brinks answered that with his second goal.  Thor almost fanned on a shot, but he got enough of it to flutter it past Eddie.  Mr. Magoo tied up the meaningful score with a redirection past the Brain.   Harvey got the game winner  for the Whites, when  he used a "Thor" change of pace flutter blast to fool the Anvil.  The score of the meaningless contest was in doubt, mainly because Hacksaw went back to playing, and the precise score was never kept.

Hacksaw, Beak, Geno and Knarf at Geno's Retirement party.

  We know it was 4-4 after one, but the Whites had a flurry of goals by the Granatos and they had a couple goal lead after two.  In the third period, Eddie and the Reds (Can be sung to the tune of Benny and the Jets) tightened up the defense and held the Whites to one goal while they tied it up and probably took the lead.  The word probably is used because of the lack of accurate score keeping, even a few beers and wings couldn't settle the outcome.  I know AJ had a goal for the Reds and did Tommy and Johnny.  Brinks' Cousins had a few for the Whites.  The Reds got outstanding defense by Klinger, Knarf, Stump, Butt Head and Perry.
No Ice on Good Friday

1 year ago  We had out biggest turn out for our last trip to Peoria.  We played at home on Good Friday, then had a 3 hour game on Holy Saturday in the Peoria Civic Center.  That was the first time we had both of our goalies make the trip.  The Whites ended up with a 9-5 lead after 60 minutes of play. The crafty veterans, Beak, Hacksaw and Knarf went to the locker room and got a jump on the beer cooler, while some of the hardy Duffers played another full period. I understand Klinger gave up 10 goals in the 20 minute overtime without his partner Knarf. It would be hard to declare a winning goalie, since they rotated every 10 minutes. For the rest of the story, click here.

Buffalo Wild Wings Turned out to be a good place for a story telling drinking team.  It was pretty smoke free, thanks to Koss taking it outside and 85 decibels quieter than Bonos with the Karaoke noise.
Golf Outing August 26
at Waveland's 9 hole gulf course.

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Beak, Tweedy, Geno, Tommy and Hacksaw. 




The first 8 pictures were taken at Geno's retirement Party.  The next group was taken in Buffalo New York.

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Geno 008.jpg (330188 bytes) Geno 012.jpg (299708 bytes)
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Geno 016.jpg (237927 bytes) Geno 010.jpg (323802 bytes)

More Toronto Pictures

Toronto 113.jpg (302633 bytes)

At the Buffalo-Toronto Game.

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Toronto 119.jpg (276757 bytes) Toronto 120.jpg (208123 bytes)
Toronto 126.jpg (105432 bytes)

Where's Fred?

Toronto 123.jpg (308964 bytes)

Can you find the straw?

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Toronto 137.jpg (313476 bytes) Toronto 143.jpg (326832 bytes)
Toronto 146.jpg (318784 bytes) Toronto 152.jpg (301204 bytes)

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Longtime Park District director announces retirement

Published: 3/31/06

After playing a key role in much of the Downers Grove Park District's growth for more than three decades, Director of Parks Gene Cromwell has announced his retirement.

Cromwell started with the district in 1971 and he became parks foreman four years later. In 1981, he was promoted into the position he has held for the past 25 years. His last day on the job will be Monday, April 3.

During his tenure, Cromwell had more than a helping hand in planning for athletic fields and lighting, playgrounds, picnic pavilions, land acquisition, McCollum Park and its miniature golf course, the administrative office, Lincoln Center, the district museum, Barth and Prince ponds enhancements, and the Mar-Duke Farm garden plots.

"In 35 years, he basically has seen it all and been part of the teamwork that has made it happen," Park Administrator Daniel Cermak said. "The district has really matured during the past 30 years."

Cromwell has been recognized nationally when the district won the National Park and Recreation Association's Gold Medal Award and when the McCollum Park tennis courts were honored as an Outstanding Public Tennis Facility by the United States Tennis Association.

Attempts to reach Cromwell for comment were unsuccessful. Cermak said Cromwell was generally liked by everyone and was a hard worker.

"He has always been willing to do whatever I asked, evening, weekends. He has always accepted assignments no matter what they were," Cermak said.

The district has hired Todd Reese to replace Cromwell. Reese has previously worked at Northbrook and Hoffman Estates park districts along with the Lake Forest Park and Recreation Department.

Cermak said Reese will "bring a lot to the table" with management experience, park planning and a landscape architect background.

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