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Frank Found a treasure trove of Lake Placid road trip pictures.  I started posting them at:

Lake Placid 1982 

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Duffer News

Deuces Were Wild Again!

Romeoville, IL
January 18, 2013

Attendance: 19

V-Man gets 2 goals and a Mini Wheezer!
V-Man, Thor and Ean had 2 goals each. V-man jumped on The Anvil  for 2 quick goals.  V-Man was MVP of the senior Locker Room when he brought the bag of Strohs.  Mini Wheezer was MVP for the other locker room. Thor gave the Whites a 3-0 lead late in the second period when he took a pass from Tweedy and fired it in the net.  The Reds could not get

Placid Pictures and stories are posted.

the puck out of the zone for a long time, so the goal gave Eddie a chance to catch his breath.  The Brain had a shutout going into the 3rd period, so the Reds really intensified their efforts.  (One guy even back checked!)  The shutout breaker finally came when 2 guests of Mini Wheezer teamed up. After a turnover, Kevin fired a break out pass to Ean who walked in all alone on the Brain.  He made a nice move and beat him to the glove side. Brian made some great saves before that.  Tom "TO" O'Connor set up Ean for another goal on their next shift to cut the lead to 3-2, but Thor spoiled any comeback hopes when he took a pass from Lil Bill and fired it off of the right post and into the net.  That ended the scoring and gave the Whites a 4-2 win and a 2-0 Meaningful win.  Dillon, our 11 year old referee put on a guest jersey in the 3rd period and almost scored several times.  He redirected a shot that just missed the post.  Eddie stoned him on another shot.  The Anvil was giving no Under 12 discounts. Beak was happy when he caught up with the little speedster behind the net and pinned him to the boards for a few seconds.     

Memorable Moments

V-Man had 2 goals and a Mini Wheezer, plus he shot Eddie's Goalie stick off of the net in warm ups. When Eddie went to pick it up, his skate hit a rut and he had a Klinger Krash.
Mini Wheezer hit the post (with his neck) when he had a Klinger Krash with V- Man

I met my match with Dillon. He was a handful and he is only 11
Duffer Moment: Tweedy was giving Dillon pointers after the game.

He was probably telling him how to avoid being roughed up by a 72 year old.

Pages 1 and 2 of Lake Placid Stories and Pictures are posted.

100_3649.JPG (665753 bytes) 100_3653.JPG (224978 bytes)

Jillian is The Duffer Chiropractor.  Her office in near the Downers Grove Icearena.  She just adjusted Klinger.

100_3627.JPG (1525574 bytes)

Harvey looks like he had a date.  He skipped out with his short stick

100_3628.JPG (1681243 bytes)

Klinger had enough laughs and Beer, so he skipped out too.

100_3630.JPG (1137723 bytes)

We had plenty of Strohs thanks to Beak and V-Man.

100_3632.JPG (1553537 bytes)

TO is towering over Thor.

100_3633.JPG (1173242 bytes)

We had a record low at Wild Wings.  We had 5 counting Lil Bill.

100_3634.JPG (1686587 bytes)

V-Man brought the beer this week.  We miss you Don!

Frank found some truths and treasures while looking for Lake Placid pictures.  Beak started posting Lake Placid memories, score sheets and some of Frank's 30 year old pictures at: 

http://www.lopatka.net/1982-Lake Placid/index.html

The score sheets show that we had 4 goals in the tournament.  3 by Geno and one by Frank.  For 30 years, Hacksaw has been saying that he scored in Lake Placid. He even bought a tee shirt that claimed that.  The word "scored" has many connotations.  He must have been talking about off of the ice.

scan0002.JPG (1276612 bytes)

Scan911.jpg (253662 bytes)

30 years ago. Frank still had his eyes closed.

Scan913.jpg (157142 bytes)

(Left to Right) Magoo, Ann's husband, Slime dog, Ann Jillian, Dan Maz and Frank.  Magoo, you've  done it again.

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Michelle Spillman

Michelle Spillman 10-31-10

Michelle hits a 2 run home run for Romeoville High School in a 3-0 victory against Joliet Catholic Academy.


Michelle Spillman hit a 2 run Home run to beat Joliet Catholic on April 18, 2012. ... greg Lopatka ... Michelle Spillman and Romeoville High School. ...

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Michelle hit a triple to help beat Highland Park High 8-5 on 4/21/2012.