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Reds Score 6 and lose 6-4!

Romeoville, IL

Attendance: 20
Whites Get The Alien a Week late!

Last week, you may remember that the White team reneged on a package trade deal that included Tommy Z and The Alien, but they sent Bill packing when he came out in a White sweater.  This week, they had to take him since they only had 8 skaters and guess what, Bill got one of their 4 goals when he fluttered one over the Rookie goalie, Dan Smith and into the net.  The Head

Geno tries to look ashamed

line may be a little confusing.  How can a team score 6 goals and lose 6-4.  That is easy to explain with Duffers playing hockey.  The Reds scored the first 2 goals on their own goalie.  Goalie Dan had to be wondering why he drove all the way from Gurnee to have his own players score on him.  The first one was a shot by the Bookie that hit Terry's stick and went in.  The second one came when T&A fried a pass out in front of the net where Geno intercepted it and fired a one timer past his own goalie.  The Whites finally scored a goal when T&A set up the Czar.  T&A also scored on a break away and again on a tip in.  The Reds looked like they were going to have a fun night when Magoo slid a bad angle shot past the Brain for an early 1-0 lead.  Mini Wheezer increased the lead to 2-0 with a nice pass from Geno, but then the Reds started scoring on their own goalie and the game got ugly.  Tommy Z managed to score 2 in the Brain's net.  Cowboy Joe had a goal for the Whites to give them a 2-1 Meaningful win.

Thanks to Dan Smith and his Mom

Stump went to his goalie data base and came up empty.  We have never been without 2 goalies since the King in his wisdom made Stump the Goalie in Chief.  Stump called Beak on Friday morning and asked if he could get the "Kid Pittsburgh" Goalie for the game.  Beak needed to text his niece Linda who was working at a school, but Beak has one of those phones that lets you talk to people, but he had text messages blocked when he started getting spam messages.  He finally got his brother to text her and she replied that Dan's only plans for the night were to watch the Hawks, so she thought he would rather play than watch.  She was right and Dan saved the day 

as he and his Mom drove 50 miles to help us out. 

Thursday Lunch

The Rampage goalie, Brandi is taking off from work to have lunch with the


Stump Ran out of goalies
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Terry bought flowers for T&A

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There has to be an interesting story there

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The guys were a little homophobic about walking out with flowers

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Beak took them home and made his wife happy

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Brandi will join the Duffers at their Thursday Lunch

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We have been looking for a new nickname for Joe Evans who was tagged "Face Plant" in Nashville when he was just learning how to skate.  He went on to win the Klinger Krash award for his face plant after dropping the puck in the face off circle. Several guys started calling him Drago, the Russian Boxer who starred in Rocky IV in 1985.  Go to Duffer Nicknames

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