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A Mazzarella Hat Trick!

Romeoville, IL

Attendance: 24
Whites Pull a Fast one!

The Whites were a few players short at game time, so the Duffer Czar told them that they could have Tommy Z, who is the best playmaker on the Duffers, under

Locker Room laughs

one condition.  They had to take Bill "Alien" Allen in the package deal.  They agreed and TZ graciously put on his White jersey and the game began.  The Alien came out with a White jersey as instructed, but then the General Manager (No one admitted to being that heartless cut throat person) sent the Alien back to the locker room to put on a Red Jersey.  The Reds were rolling along quite nicely with 2 even lines (Ten skaters) when Allen arrived and screwed up the lines.  The Reds had a 2-0 lead when they beat Tweedy with 2 of their first 3 shots.  Terry "Crash" Nance  and Mini Wheezer were the sharp shooters.  When the Alien arrived, the Reds were too nice to send him back to change again, since he already missed most of the first period.  What could go wrong?  Well for one, 81 year old Papa Joe scored on a pass from his son Cowboy Joe.  Then Thor got a pass from TZ and tied it up.  2 minutes later, Geno got that one back and put the Reds in front 3-2.  V-Man tied it at 3, then Thor got his second goal, on a pass from T&A, to put the Whites up 4-3.  Three minutes later, T&A used his favorite move to give the Whites that dreaded 2 goal lead.  Mike The Czar Presecky went coast to coast to cut the lead in half, but Steve "Lil Bro" Mazzarella took a pass from his Pa and restored the 2 goal lead.  Bill BTW made a "Duck Soup" move and beat Tweedy to make it Whites 6, Reds 5.  T&A poked one in to make it 7-5, but The Bookie knifed in and cut the lead to one goal again.  Cowboy Joe was the only Mazzarella without a goal, so he changed that when he beat the Anvil with a pass from his Lil' Bro.  That gave each Mazzarella a goal and an assist and an 8-6 win for the Whites.  The Whites took the Meaningful contest 4-1, but they lost again at Wild Wings.  That is the most important contest for a drinking team.  The Reds took that one 8-5

Bobka's Bid for Perfection Falls Short

Fred's Doctor told him Ice Hockey and Blood Thinners don't mix.  Fruit Cake was looking forward to receiving the Tim Smith Perfect Attendance Award, but that won't be possible now.  The Perfect Attendance Com

mittee was reluctant to give that award to someone who never showed up at Wild Wings.  Tim Smith had Perfect attendance on the ice and at Wild Wings.  Beak had perfect attendance at Wild Wings and on the ice until he went to Pittsburgh, where he skated twice and spent 4 days in and out of bars filled with Duffers. That made him

Perfect Plus!

Thor got a Mullet!
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Some of Doc's Pittsburgh Road Trip Pictures

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Gilles Meloche, the Penguin's Goaltending coach has some pointers for the Duffer Goalies.  

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WOD=Wife Of a Duffer DOD = Daughter of a Duffer

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