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Reds 7, Whites 7!

Romeoville, IL 03/22/2008
Attendance 26
Back Hand Johnny Saves the Reds

The Whites jumped off to an early lead, when Tom O'Connor tapped in a pass from Robby Granato.  (TO is Meaningful) Mini Wheezer answered that when he fired a bullet past the BrainTommy Z gave the Reds a 2-1 lead when Art carried the puck in front of his own net and TZ poked the puck past a surprised BrainBrinks tied it up with a back door deflection.

Mini Wheeze and UB get ready for the Duffers!

The Reds took the lead again with a 3 on 1 break, led by Super Dave, who dropped it to Back hand Johnny, who slid it over his little brother.  The Brain never had a chance as TZ blew it past him.  Thor answered that when he found a puck in front of a wide open net and made an easy tap in.  Robby blew a slap shot past Tweedy to give the Whites a 4-3 lead.  It looked like the second period would end that way, when TZ took a pass from his goalie and carried it across the blue line looking for a Meaningful guy to pass to, when Mini Wheezer announced from the bench, "One minute left to play in the period",  Tommy fired a shot that hand cuffed the Brain and tied up the game at 4-4.  Brinks put the meaningful game out of reach when he gave the Whites a 4-0 meaningful lead.  Perry poked a shot past Tweedy to give the Whites a 6-4 lead with 10 minutes left in the game.  A two goal lead is said to be the worst lead in hockey, and it turned out to be true again, as Rich Storm did his best imitation of Basketball Jones playing defense.  Mike left his defensive responsibilities to Beak and crashed the net for a goal to cut the lead in half and stirred his opponents' fears of blowing a 2 goal lead.  Their fears were soon realized in the final minute of the game when "Back Hand Johnny" whipped his patented shot into the "Honey Jar", as the Canadians on Tweedy's college team used to call it. That shot added insult to injury as it hit the Brain's water bottle.  (Goalies hate that)

Union Suit (From Wikipedia, Fred's favorite encyclopedia, because it is the free encyclopedia)
A union suit is a type of one-piece long underwear. Created in Utica, NY, it originated as women's wear during the nineteenth-century United States clothing reform efforts, as an alternative to constricting garments, and soon gained popularity among men as well.

(Continued on  Page 2)

Hot and dry hockey equipment.

Fred shows off his new "Union Suit".

For more pictures, go to:

Page 2  (Union Suit Continued)

 The first union suit was patented in 1868 as "emancipation union under flannel. "[1] Traditionally made of red flannel with long arms and long legs, it buttoned up the front and had a button-up flap in the rear covering the buttocks (colloquially known as the "access hatch", "drop seat", "fireman's flap", and other names), allowing the wearer to eliminate bodily waste without removing the garment. Depending on the size, some union suits can have a dozen buttons on the front to be fastened through buttonholes from the neck down to the groin area.
This warm and practical garment remained in common use in North America into the twentieth century. As its popularity waned it became chiefly working men's wear. It was not uncommon until the mid-1900s for rural men to wear the same union suit continuously all week, or even all winter. Normally, no other type of underwear was worn with it. One of the major events of the spring was the time when the union suits were removed, washed, and put away for the summer.  Union suits are still commercially available, but because of their association with "old fashioned" usage, and presumably  "unsophisticated" rural wearers, they are considered comical. The rear flap is also associated with humor, and in film and television the appearance of a union suit, viewed from behind, is a form of mild toilet humor.

This is considered mild toilet humor?

Today, some people -- both men and women -- favor two-piece long underwear, also known as "long johns".  The Union Suit also makes a presence in the 2003 film Cold Mountain.

Extended Road Trip

Everyone was concerned with Beak's safety when they heard He was going to take a train ride to the Grand Canyon with the King.  The King whipped out his Tom Tom GPS and had Beak punch in Jerome AZ.  They took a slightly different rout than the one suggested by the navigating voice.  They were told to turn around many times until they silenced the voice and called her some names usually reserved for the locker room.  Their scenic rout took them on a road that winds up and down around and through the mountain.  They stopped in Jerome AZ for a bathroom break.  The town was full of bikers, so the King felt right at

home.  (See above picture)  After a long hilly walk , they headed for the Grand Canyon Railroad Hotel in Williams AZ.  They were awed by the beauty of Sedona at sunset.  They arrived and had dinner at the cozy Spenser's Lounge, named after the artisan of the magnificent bar, the dark wood and rich textures of the room make it most comfortable. The lounge is further enhanced by the fine spirits and beverages that are served up.  Beak and the King shared a bottle of fine wine and had the waitress take their picture. 

She was convinced that they were gay.  The signature Spenser's bar was handcrafted in England in 1887 by George O. Spenser.  The "Lion's Den" proprietor, Daniel Hollings, commissioned the noted cabinet maker to construct the "best bar in the Bush." Given two hundred pounds for materials and the promise that he would never have to pay for another drink, Spenser worked day and night for four months to create a solid oak masterpiece. The deal proved to be a bargain for Spenser, who visited the Lion's Den every day and lived to the ripe old age of 84.  Max and Thelma Biegert purchased the bar at a New Orleans antique shop for $35,000.00

The following pictures were taken on March 7th.  Click on the images to see the full size.

bigCam 067.jpg (1165756 bytes)

We played an early game on Friday, Muzzy's daughter, Paula came to party with us.

bigCam 068.jpg (1199551 bytes)

Some of Hacksaw's old Honeywell friends came out to watch us play and were surprised that there were no fights.

bigCam 071.jpg (1351197 bytes)

We had a tail gate meal then headed for the ball park.

bigCam 085.jpg (1621825 bytes)

Tony got us great seats to see the Sox lose 11-1.

bigCam 091.jpg (1297118 bytes)

After the game, we waited for the traffic to clear out.

bigCam 092.jpg (1025053 bytes)

Paula went to the game with us.

smallCam 083.jpg (918104 bytes)

We relaxed next to the pool.

smallCam 079.jpg (899202 bytes)

T&A (Tom Ambrosia) made a beer run the King impressed.  

smallCam 080.jpg (905220 bytes) smallCam 088.jpg (920292 bytes)
smallCam 093.jpg (48114 bytes) smallCam 094.jpg (1034380 bytes)
smallCam 100.jpg (30412 bytes)

We had a nice dinner

smallCam 103.jpg (33548 bytes)

Darren had fun listening to Duffer Tales.

smallCam 102.jpg (34421 bytes) smallCam 104.jpg (29353 bytes)
smallCam 105.jpg (1024408 bytes) smallCam 107.jpg (33711 bytes)
bob-ben-mike.jpg (57945 bytes)

Ben shout out his dad and cousin.

bigCam 062.jpg (135061 bytes)

Ben cleaned the ice for us.

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