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Reds 5, Whites 4!

Romeoville, IL 03/15/2008
Attendance 24
Tweedy Hangs on

Whenever Rob Granato can make it to a Duffer game, the Red goalie knows he is in for an assault.  Tweedy had to bring his "A" game to hold the Whites to only 4 goals.  Attendance was down a little, as Basketball Jones missed his first game of the year when he finally had his leg looked at by a Doctor and the x-rays showed that he had been playing on a fractured leg.  Perfect attendance is now down to 3, with only Frank, Beak and

Fun in the Sun!

Stump having that honor.  The Reds picked up a last minute acquisition when Perry went into the locker room and grabbed a Red sweater.  That turned out to be a big move for the Reds, since the Whites had some guns to slow down.  Tweedy took over the task of net minder for the absent Anvil and was victimized by the red hot Brinks.  Don scored in the first on a pass from his son Rob, then he hit the post with a shot in the second period that rebounded right to Thor who banged it in to give the Whites a 2-0 Meaningful win.  The Reds ruined the Brain's shut out when Mini Wheezer poked one past him.  The Zagorski brothers each added a couple goals to off set Piggy Bank's pair.  The Reds walked off with a 5-4 squeaker. 
Arizona Memories!
We had non stop fun, Leapin Lou was chastised for back checking in game one, when he hustled back and blocked a pass that went right past his own goalie.  We thought about Perry when that happened.  By The Way Bill had fun driving his red Cadillac to the gulf links.  Our Canadian brothers really enjoyed that Arizona fun.  My thanks to Beer Nuts and the King for remembering the Sun Blocker.  I never think of that until I'm burnt like Tommy Z's beak.  We had a lot of fun sitting by the pool watching Duffers trying to get past the locked gate.  We ran out of beer, so our rookie vol
unteered to make a beer run.

  He was gone a while when he pulled up in a nice car that was chauffeured by a beautiful woman, who joined us for beers and hockey games.  It turns out Liz was a cousin of T&A (Tom Ambrosia).  Tom got his initiation from the King when his brother and him showed up at the Hotel on the first day.  The King asked, "Who are you?"  Tom answered politely, "I'm Tom Ambrosia."  The King asked, "Who do you know and how did you get on the team?"  Tom said, I'm friends with Scott Wayne and Bill Conti."  The King replied, "I don't know those guys, are you a Canadian?."  Everybody had some friends or relatives in Arizona.  My nephew Scott came to visit, Some of Hacksaw's former colleagues watched us play and were quite impressed. 

Harvey was on the outside looking in at the pool.

Klinger Wears the "C"

For more pictures, and a scanned version go to:  http://photos.lopatka.com/

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A big thanks to Uncle Bob for these great shirts! 

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That is the Chicago Flag!

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