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Deuces are Wild!

Romeoville, IL 04/04/2008
Attendance 22
Canadian Boycott is Over!

Geno read about the Canadian shortage, so he decided to end his hold out.  (Our other Canadians are still AWOL)  Geno played a big part in the outcome, as he was one of 4 players to score 2 goals.  Tommy O started the scoring again on his first shift as he flipped one past the Anvil to give the Whites a 1-0 lead.  Geno got the score even when he fired a shot that ripped through the Brain's glove, then trickled in.  Tommy Z gave the

Mr. Clean set up Thor.

Reds the lead for a short time until his Brother, Back Hand Johnny, tied it at 2-2.  The Whites took the lead when Hacksaw hit Piggy Bank with a break out pass that Robby sent over to Thor, who buried it for the lead.  Bill "The Maestro" Conti tied it to end the second period at 3-3.  The Whites took the opening face off of the third period and TO scored his "Deuce" on a Tweedy turn over.  Back Hand Johnny scored his second goal a few seconds later to give the Whites a 5-3 lead, early in the final period.  TZ cut that dreaded 2 goal lead in half, when he picked up his second goal.  It looked like the Whites would hang on to a 5-4 lead, when that one eyed Canadian, who dragged himself off of the couch to save his homeland from disgrace, raced in, took a body slam from Brinks and tied up the game at 5-5.  The Meaningful score is being decided by the Duffer Rules Committee.  It is either 3-2 Whites, or 2-1 in favor of the Reds.  You see, TO is old enough to be meaningful, but he is not a dues paying member yet.  Tommy O has all of the qualities of a Duffer, except he is a little too fast.  The Goal Tending and Defense was outstanding.  Rich Storm, The Maestro, Tweedy and Frank did a fine job keeping the high powered Whites to 5 goals.  Stump lead the White defenders with help from Fruit Cake, The Bookie and The Terry the Terror.   Click Here to see the 2008 Stats 

Grant Importing Golf

Brinks announced that the golf outing will be on June 21st this summer.  Maybe Darren and Lou will fly in for that great Duffer event.

Bowling anyone?

We are looking into an Oskroba-Duffer Bowling party in August.  If you need to Practice, My Granddaughter's Softball team is having a party on May 10. 

Harvey had plenty of chances, but could not get free!

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