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Here is a story about a wonderful teacher in Alaska


Flat Stanley

Jeff Brown wrote a book called Flat Stanley in 1964, and since that time, the little guy has visited many countries.  He went to the Academy Awards when Clint Eastwood took his daughter's Flat Stanley to the Academy Awards. This resulted in articles in People magazine and CNN.com. Several Flat Stanleys were hosted by Olympic athletes in Torino, Italy at the 2006 Olympic Games.  In October 2006, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed his son's Flat Stanley to Jay Leno. Schwarzenegger wanted to "pump him up." The Governor had been taking Flat Stanley with him on the campaign trail.

Flat Stanley book cover

Click here for more on Flat Stanley: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flat_Stanley

A few months ago, my grandson, Michael, asked me if I knew any friends that would like to have a visit from Flat Stanley.  I sent out an e-mail to several of my teacher friends and I got a reply in less than 10 minutes from Debbie Bennett in Fairbanks Alaska.  She told me to send him on the next plane, so Michael packed him up and sent him off to Fairbanks, Alaska.  When Flat Stanley came back to Bolingbrook, IL my grandson called me and told me that he wants to go to Alaska.  When I saw what a wonderful job that Debbie did with Stanley, I knew why Michael wanted to go to Alaska.  I took the following pictures of the Flat Stanley Journal that documented his stay in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Click here to see Flat Stanley at the Morton Arboretum in 2012.

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 A pin from the World Ice Art Championship

stanly 003.jpg (126650 bytes)

Flat Stanley brought this Photo Album back with him.

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stanly 017.jpg (202683 bytes) stanly 018.jpg (187543 bytes)

stanly 020.jpg (147377 bytes)

This is Flat Stanley's paper bag Journal that contained stories and pictures of Flat Stanley's travels.

stanly 019.jpg (160942 bytes) stanly 021.jpg (161187 bytes)
stanly 024.jpg (157065 bytes) stanly 025.jpg (155046 bytes)
stanly 022.jpg (185680 bytes) stanly 026.jpg (1116931 bytes)
stanly 027.jpg (177389 bytes) stanly 028.jpg (177637 bytes)
stanly 029.jpg (1115120 bytes) stanly 030.jpg (134239 bytes)
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stanly 033.jpg (130970 bytes) stanly 037.jpg (151711 bytes)
stanly 034.jpg (78805 bytes)

Michael would like to thank Mrs. Bennett and her family for showing Stanley a wonderful time in Alaska.

stanly 035.jpg (882372 bytes)

Clothes that Flat Stanley wore in Alaska.

stanly 036.jpg (880343 bytes)

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Luke-crop.jpg (137520 bytes)

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