We took our Great Granddaughter Carmela for a few hours.

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Carmela's Mom dropped her off at 10:00 A.M. That is a reasonable hour, but it was Saturday morning and I was hydrating myself late Friday after playing Hockey. 

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Carmela was really good to us, she didn't make a fuss when her Mom left for work. and she was happy to get in the car as we headed for the Arboretum.

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She even took a nap on our way to lunch

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We met Kathie, Michael, Debbie and Dan.

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07-11-17Carm 014.jpg (281289 bytes) 07-11-17Carm 016.jpg (453343 bytes)
07-11-17Carm 017.jpg (256150 bytes) 07-11-17Carm 018.jpg (255434 bytes)
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After Lunch, we took Carmela to Amanda's house.

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Amanda was nice enough to change the diaper.

November 10, 2007  Luke is 9 Days old

October 29, 2007 It is a Boy!

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October 27, 2007 Children's Museum

October 20, 2007 Carmela's First Birthday Party

October 12, 2007 Alaska Pictures

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