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Every Sunday, I meet students and parents from Naperville at the Morton Arboretum to record atmospheric data for the GLOBE program.  On October 24, 2011, I went to Highlands School to show the students some Sun spots with my telescope.  After my visit there, I went to the Arboretum and took some pictures of the beautiful fall colors.


2011-10-24d.JPG (305531 bytes)

(Above) We observed these sunspots on October 24, 2011.  That night, a big Aurora display was observed that night.

2011-10-27.JPG (346955 bytes)

(Above) The sunspots moved to the right on this image that was taken three days later. (The Sun rotates too)

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3 Arboretum Trees

Arboretum Seasons

Information about the GLOBE program

GLOBE is and acronym for Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment.

GLOBE is a global environmental program that uses the internet to share studentís observations and measurements with GLOBE scientist and students.  My Randolph School  students recorded over 8000 environmental measurements during my 6 years in the program.

I was trained for GLOBE at University of Illinois Urbana     March 1995  

I served as a GLOBE Teacher Trainer at the following places:

University of Illinois Urbana     August 1995

Drexel University in Philadelphia  August, 1996  

New York University October 1996

 Ohio Aerospace Institute November, 1996

University of Illinois Urbana March, 1997

New Hampshire  April, 1997  

University of Iowa  October, 1997

University of Colorado  January, 1998

 Ohio Aerospace Institute November, 1998

GLOBE New Mexico Workshop May, 1999

Charleston GLOBE South Carolina Workshop October, 1999

West Chester PA  October, 2000

In September of 2003, the Naperville School District 203 formed a partnership with the GLOBE Program.  We have performed Teacher workshops in the following places:

Naperville IL  September, 2003

Highland Park, Illinois July, 2005 Workshop

Park Ridge, Illinois September, 2005

Morton Arboretum, Lisle Illinois February 2010


GLOBE Freeze Up Data at Lake Marmo

GLOBE Freeze Up Data at the DuPage River

GLOBE Surface Temperature at the Arboretum

GLOBE Surface Temperature at Highlands School

GLOBE Hydrology Study websites:

Bass release November 4, 2006

Bass Release November 3, 2007

Bass Release November 1, 2008

Bass Release November 7, 2009

Steeple Run Spring 2005 Hydrology in Naperville

Steeple Run Fall 2005 Hydrology in Naperville

Steeple Run Spring  2006 Hydrology in Naperville

Steeple Run Fall 2006 Hydrology in Naperville

Steeple Run Spring 2007 Hydrology in Naperville

Steeple Run Fall 2008 Hydrology at Rotts Creek

Steeple Run Fall 2009 Hydrology at Rotts Creek

Steeple Run Fall 2010 Hydrology at Rotts Creek

Steeple Run Fall 2011 Hydrology at Rotts Creek

May 12, 2008 Steeple Run Rocket Launch 

Steeple Run students at the Morton Arboretum 2005

Steeple Run Transit of Mercury 11/08/06

Steeple Run and Highlands Bass release 11/4/06

Steeple Run and Highlands 5/6/08 Field Trip to the Adler Planetarium

Highlands School 10/14/05 Hydrology at Highlands School

Highlands School 10/11/07 Hydrology at Highlands School

Highlands School macro invertebrates study.

Highlands School Bass Release May 18, 2006

Highlands School Site Definition

Highlands School Phenology 2008

Randolph School Hydrology at Marquette Park

Phenology at the Arboretum Spring

Fall Phenology 2007

Fall Phenology 2008

Highlands School Frost Tube

Steeple Run School Frost Tube

Lake Marmo Freeze Up 2008-9

Lake Marmo Freeze Up 2009-10

Steeple Run School Frost Tube

Lake Marmo Freeze Up 2008-9

Lake Marmo Freeze Up 2009-10

Rocket Day at Steeple Run School

Rocket Launch at Highlands School

Rocket launch at Irene King School

Make a 2 liter bottle rocket 

Solar Noon Shadow Measurements

GLOBE Program: http://www.globe.gov

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