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On September 30, 2010, the students from Steeple Run went to Rotts Creek, where we have been monitoring the water at the GLOBE Study site since 2004.  Students checked the Turbidity, PH and conductivity of the water samples with Mr. Lopatka, while other students were collecting micro invertebrates with Mrs. Nolan and parent volunteers.  Students entered the Data into the GLOBE Data Base.  After I showed this website to the Students, they wrote captions for me.  See credits below.

Rotts Creek 2011

Rotts Creek 2009

Rotts Creek 2008

Rotts Creek 001.jpg (1018584 bytes)

Our wagons are lined up and ready to roll.  If they had emotions, they would be eager and excited to get going like we were.

Rotts Creek 002.jpg (849113 bytes)

Students and Parents listen intently to Mrs. Nolan's last minute instructions.  We wait patiently for the signal to go.

Rotts Creek 003.jpg (780198 bytes)

Mrs. Nolan assigns parents and students to their stations.

Rotts Creek 004.jpg (841553 bytes)

Pay attention Group E!

Rotts Creek 005.jpg (874808 bytes)

Mr. Lopatka has his camera take a automatic picture of group E paying attention to Mrs. Nolan.

Rotts Creek 007.jpg (1010446 bytes)

Our Wagons are packed and we are ready for adventure!

Rotts Creek 008.jpg (1014540 bytes)

We are ready for Take Off!

Rotts Creek 009.jpg (956146 bytes)

There is excitement in the air as we head for the woods.

Rotts Creek 010.jpg (1115028 bytes)

Are we there yet?

Rotts Creek 011.jpg (1034302 bytes)

We Just started.

Rotts Creek 013.jpg (1061666 bytes)

How much longer?

Rotts Creek 014.jpg (1080810 bytes)

We are almost there.

Rotts Creek 015.jpg (906494 bytes)

The Early arrivers settle down and wait for the last wagon.

Rotts Creek 016.jpg (969392 bytes)

Waiting and resting, Phew, that was a long walk.

Rotts Creek 017.jpg (964746 bytes)

Come on slow pokes!

Rotts Creek 018.jpg (1008990 bytes)

We were tired of walking and we needed a break

Rotts Creek 019.jpg (1031122 bytes) Rotts Creek 020.jpg (1008312 bytes)
Rotts Creek 022.jpg (948974 bytes) Rotts Creek 023.jpg (1020752 bytes)
Rotts Creek 025.jpg (1016334 bytes)

We are almost there, after this hill, we enter the forest.

Rotts Creek 027.jpg (989190 bytes)

Crash, bump, ouch, can someone please help with this wagon?

Rotts Creek 028.jpg (782024 bytes) Rotts Creek 029.jpg (950961 bytes)
Rotts Creek 030.jpg (845659 bytes)

We are checking the turbidity of the water with a turbidity tube

Rotts Creek 044.jpg (843572 bytes)

Turbidity is the transparency of the water.  

Rotts Creek 036.jpg (778670 bytes)

Group D scoops up another water sample

Rotts Creek 039.jpg (964658 bytes)

Mr. Lopatka records the PH and conductivity Data for group E.

Rotts Creek 041.jpg (595996 bytes)

The water temperature was 16 degrees Celsius.

Rotts Creek 049.jpg (950628 bytes)

 I see the Light!  I'll be good starting now!

Rotts Creek 055.jpg (2506170 bytes) Rotts Creek 059.jpg (985628 bytes)

Rotts Creek 061.jpg (957336 bytes)

Rotts Creek 063.jpg (883384 bytes)

Is that a macroinvertabrate? 

Rotts Creek 064.jpg (871716 bytes)

Mrs. Nolan says, "Stay in your group."

Rotts Creek 067.jpg (877060 bytes) Rotts Creek 066.jpg (947710 bytes)
Rotts Creek 068.jpg (877596 bytes) Rotts Creek 069.jpg (948508 bytes)
Rotts Creek 071.jpg (977972 bytes)

Ron's Dad and his group were looking under rocks.

Rotts Creek 072.jpg (1101304 bytes)

Ron's Dad says, "Stay in your group."

Rotts Creek 074.jpg (1048456 bytes)

Steven catches a fish for our Fish Fry, never mind, it is a dead fish.

Rotts Creek 076.jpg (965102 bytes)

My Mom gets in the picture while getting a picture!

Rotts Creek 085.jpg (880730 bytes) Rotts Creek 086.jpg (871026 bytes)
Rotts Creek 089.jpg (817472 bytes)

Rotts Creek 092.jpg (949242 bytes)

Yes. group D found something!

Rotts Creek 091.jpg (994234 bytes)

Rotts Creek 095.jpg (928946 bytes)

Largest macroinvertabrate yet! It is a huge water spider.

Rotts Creek 097.jpg (889836 bytes)

 Macro Town!  I see a Damselfly. 

Rotts Creek 101.jpg (953928 bytes)

Wow!  There are some pretty flowers here.

Rotts Creek 100.jpg (964030 bytes)

It is a bird, it is a plane, no it is a dead fish

Rotts Creek 102.jpg (816988 bytes)

Jack and Alex are studying carefully and patiently.

Rotts Creek 104.jpg (1050300 bytes)

It is time to enter the data and pack up to go back to school.

Rotts Creek 105.jpg (955774 bytes)

Time to go back, it was a nice trip.

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