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GLOBE Hydrology

Naperville Community Unit School District 203

November 7th, 2009

In November 2006, we were chilled by cold winds and temperatures near freezing. This year we didn't even need a jacket. Highlands School teacher Ms. Kouri and Steeple Run teacher Maureen Nolan have been participating in the "Bass in the Class" program for quite a few years.  Students raise Bass Fish in their classrooms then release them into Hidden Lake after they carefully check the temperature of the water.  They enthusiastically wave good by to their scaled friends.  In 2005, Mr. Lopatka helped students take GPS readings of the site, so that they could let GLOBE teachers, students and  scientists know where Hidden Lake was located on the globe.  They also measured the PH, conductivity, temperature and turbidity of the water.  The site became the second Steeple Run School GLOBE Hydrology site. Students again tested the water quality and entered the data into the GLOBE Data base.  They have been monitoring  the water at Rotts creek for several years, while Highland students been monitoring macro invertebrates and water quality at the DuPage river site and Herrick Lake. 

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Ms. Kouri from Highlands School checks the water temperature. 

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Ms. Kouri gets a water sample for testing by Mr. Lopatka's group

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The temperature in the pail is now the same as the lake

09-11-07 013.jpg (1811046 bytes)

One of the students checks the transparency of the water 

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After the Bass release, several students and parents went over to the Morton Arboretum's GLOBE Weather station.  Mr. Lopatka, Mrs. Nolan and Stacy record the atmospheric data.

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They check the PH of the rain water

Globe Weather 4.jpg (99367 bytes)

They measured the amount of rain that fell in the last 7 days 

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They recorded the Minimum/Maximum temperatures for the last 6 days.  It was below freezing just a few days ago. 

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We checked the cloud cover and airplane contrails.  There were no clouds and only one short lived contrail.

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Globe Weather 14.jpg (63089 bytes)

Only one leaf remains on our study trees.  Only the London Plane Tree had one of the 4 leaves that we were observing.  The White Oak, Bur Oak and Ginkgo had dropped their leaves last week.

Globe Weather 15.jpg (124125 bytes)

Mr. Lopatka shows the girls how we use the GLOBE color chart to record the color change of the leaves.

Mr. Lopatka shows the girls the frost tube that we have been measuring the debt of the winter frost

10-03-09 BurOak.jpg (1281383 bytes)

This picture shows the Bur Oak leaf in early October

10-03-09 london.jpg (1194176 bytes)

This is the London Plane Tree leaf on October 3, 2009

07-05-03 044.jpg (425736 bytes)

In the spring time, we check for bud burst and leaf size

easter 024.jpg (438802 bytes)

This is a bud on the Bur Oak

In the coming weeks, we will be watching and photographing Lake Marmo for Freeze Up.  Last year we had a thin coat of ice on November 22.  

In September of 2003, the Naperville School District 203 formed a partnership with the GLOBE Program.  We have performed Teacher workshops in the following places:

Naperville IL  September, 2003

Highland Park, Illinois July, 2005 Workshop

Park Ridge, Illinois September, 2005


Steeple Run students at the Morton Arboretum 2005

Steeple Run and Highlands Bass release 11/4/06

Highlands School 10/14/05 Hydrology at Highlands School

Highlands School 10/11/07 Hydrology at Highlands School

Highlands School macro invertebrates study.

Highlands School Bass Release May 18, 2006

Bass release November 4, 2006

Bass Release November 3, 2007

Bass Release November 1, 2008

Bass Release November 7, 2009

Highlands School Site Definition

Phenology at the Arboretum 

Fall Phnenology 2007

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