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Rampage MLF Game April 2, 2011


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This Fleury Jersey was donated by Tony Granato for the Silent Auction that will be held on April 2.  Bring your checkbook.

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The following items will be offered in the Silent Auction.


They will raffle off a pair of Mario Lemieux's MLX skates 


More Pittsburgh Pictures and Semi True Stories

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Duffer News

No Meaningful Goals!

Romeoville, IL

Attendance: 24
Whites Break out of Their Slump!
The Whites have been without Brinks for a while and have had trouble winning, but Brinks returned and the Whites were able to end their skid.  V-Man scored first to give the Whites an early 1-0 lead.  That was the only goal until Kevin "Monkey' Rench one timed a pass from Tweedy and sent a Flutter Blast that eluded the Anvil after 2 swats and a kick.  It ended up in the back of the net to put the Reds down a pair.  It was like the knuckleballs that got past Bob Uecker.  He once told Johnny Carson, "I have no problem with knuckleballs, I just wait till they stop rolling, then I pick them up."  The Brain had his shutout ruined when TZ took a one touch pass from Beak at his own Blue line then raced though 3 defenders and scored.

The Team Chemists

 The pass was really a fumbled pass that Tommy recovered and took all the way.  Anvil's son, Nick, tied it with an acrobatic move that gave the Brain a headache.  Steve "Rembrandt" Granato tapped in a pass from cousin Brinks to give the Whites a 3-2 lead.  T&A tied it at 3 when he took a pass from Porta John and fired a bad angle shot past the Brain.  Nick scored again, early in the third period, to give the Reds their first lead, but that only riled up Tweedy who scored to tie it a minute later, then he set up Cupcake Bobka for two late goals.  Final score was 6-4.  It may have been 7-4 if Tweedy had 2. 

Pittsburgh Stories are Trickling in

I gave each member of Team Pittsburgh a written assignment that was due before brain cells go numb.  Rags just sent in a full page hilarious story that I will have to clean up for my family oriented web page.  Since it was late, I down graded it from A+ to A. I will send the uncut version by e-mail if you say please. It includes the escapades of T&A, Face Plant Starrin Darrin and Leapin Lu.   Doc sent the following memory in on time and received an A+
I have to add that the cab driver was Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. He was extremely laid back and sounded stoned out of his mind. We asked him about bars and he said he didn't get out much because his kids were such a handful. Somebody suggested it might help if he shared some of his weed with them.
We had some empty beer bottles with us because we were going to make vases for our wives as a craft project on the way across town. When we got out of the cab with the bottles and the cops saw us we suddenly realized the potential for

misunderstanding and we were kind of speechless. Eddie came up with exactly the right thing. "We're from Chicago and we didn't know the rules" For a minute there I wasn't sure what the cops next move was going to be. He might have realized that hauling us in would mean spending a lot more time with us. After they watched us throw our bottles out in the alley they jumped back in their van and took off down the street, almost running somebody else over. All my laughing muscles are still sore. What a trip.  Ron Dubreuil (Doc)

4 Happy Campers
Thanks to Our Team Pittsburgh Photographer, Herb Lopatka, for these great pictures.

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This guy made our great trip happen. Thank you Roger 

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This guy made us forget our troubles with his healthy drinks

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2011 03 17 535.jpg (327385 bytes) 2011 03 18 519.jpg (390321 bytes)
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Doc and TZ split the Defensive pair of Formica and Coach Bylsma

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Tommy waits patiently for Beak to get to the back door

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Dan Smith blocks a pass to Doc on the door step

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Lu and T&A try to win that face off, while Harvey takes a nap

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Coach Bylsma clears the Tom Morgan rebound  

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The Anvil makes a nice save as Darrin clears it away

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2011 03 18 464.jpg (368535 bytes)

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Get on the couch Alien!

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If you have a screw lose in your helmet, they can fix it here.

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Lunch with a few beers and a 12 inch Tom

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Out like a light

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