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Bolingbrook, IL 12/30/05

Attendance 26  Report by The Beak

3 lines produced another fast paced game!

The sides looked even just before the opening face off, but Beak told Mike that he better split up the three 14 year olds that the White team had, so Beak was traded to the Whites for a little blond kid that weighed about 110 pounds.  That turned out to be a big move for the Reds, because the Whites Jumped off to an early lead, when Jeff Lopatka set up Brinks and Thor for an early Meaningful lead.  Jeff went on to score 4 meaningless goals to give the Whites a comfortable lead.  The Reds got 2 goals from Perry , while Butt Head and his friend Bill Lisy got the Reds to within 2.  It looked like a 6-4 win for The Whites

Rob Granato with his 3 lovely daughters.

when little Cory went to work, with a beautiful set up for Hitman to make it 6-5, then he sprinted up ice and flipped the tying goal past the Brain.  Heineken goalie, Jason, was MVP for leaving his wife at a shopping center when he got the call from Brinks.  We don't know how he got there so fast.  He may have been strapping on the pads as he drove the speed limit.  You may recall that he was the MVP last time he played when he handed out 5 cases of beer in the parking lot after the game.  Thank you Jason.  He has earned the right to be one of our Toronto goalies.   

Bolingbrook, IL 1/10/06 Attendance 24  Report by The Beak
Papa Joe came back at the age of 75.9 and He looked great and Hacksaw tested his knee!
Sunday's New Year's Day special turned out to be a shoot out, with the Whites starting a 5 eyed Canadian line that produced 5 goals.  4 came from Bill By The Way and one came from Geno who was badly shaken when he stepped on to the ice with his skate guards on.  It looked like a cartoon scene where you see a cloud with sticks, jerseys, water bottles go flying as Geno lands on his back.  The first words out of his mouth to Beak were, "You're not going to put this into the Duffer News are you?"

  Hacksaw kept the Reds close with his weird soccer scoring system.  He had it 9-8, but Doc had 2, Brinks had 2, Piggy Bank had 2 or 3.  If you do the math, that's 10 or 11 on Tweedy.  He had help getting 60 shots on goal from Koss. Fruitcake stayed home and banked $45.00 that he would have had to pay if he showed up.

Tommy Z (3) Mike P (3) John 2 Robert G did most of the scoring but they rang up 6 or 7 posts!

Big crowd at Bonos last week.

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Friday Night at Bonos produced a big turn out.

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Bill BTW displays the New Rich Storm Music CD

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There were many similarities, but Fred was there and his Son John scored his first goal!

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