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Lopatka Family Reunion in the Great Smoky Mountains

Day 4 June 23, 2010

We went to see the Tennessee Smokies beat the Carolina Mud Cats

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I was picked to throw out the first pitch, 


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 but I handed it off to Michelle, who hit the catchers target!

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Michelle's pitch hit the catcher's mitt

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The catcher said, "I didn't have to move my glove" 

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A family Feud is about to begin as Dan, Grace, Jay and Nick are challenging Kathie, Sandi, Michael and Mathew in a game of Cheese Toss. 

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Evan got a foul ball from a kind hearted fan

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Michelle snaps a picture of her cousin

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Sandi snaps a picture of her cousin

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Luke got a ball too

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Thanks to a kind fan

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Luke was a favorite target of the Jumbotron camera man

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The Mudcats scored 2, but the tying run was out at the plate

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