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Lopatka Family Reunion in the Great Smoky Mountains

Day 3 June 22, 2010

On our 3rd day, we met in the lobby at 10:00 and drove the Cades Cove Loop.  Some took waterfall hikes. I did not, so I will welcome pictures from those who did.  We finished the day with a Picnic Dinner at Twin Creeks. My sister arranged a catered event for all of us.  We had a great dinner, followed with a wonderful cobbler and ice cream desert.  My sister Mary brought some Fannie May Chocolates all the way from Chicago to top off the food. (Is Fannie May made in Tennessee now?) We watched a slide show with pictures from our Smoky Mountain visits in the 1970s and 80s.  We had our AV show cut short when a big black bear came out of the woods and paid us a visit.  Some ran to their cars and some ran for their cameras.

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Our first stop was Cades Cove.

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Michael and Audrey check to see if they have an electric fence.

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There are bear paw prints on the garbage container.

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Little did we know that there was a Bear out in the woods. 

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Mary put out the Fannie May candies

100_6253.JPG (1103041 bytes)

While Pat and Sandi put out the Cobbler and ice cream

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Aunt Debbie brought a game for the kids 

100_6261.JPG (896820 bytes)

They were amazed that they could play a game without batteries

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While we were getting desert, Chris was stalking a huge spider.

100_6265.JPG (1726930 bytes)

Little did he know that a bear was lurking in the woods behind him

100_6271.JPG (1196346 bytes) 100_6277.JPG (1208746 bytes)
100_6279.JPG (930575 bytes)

We were finishing our desert 

100_6280.JPG (1140284 bytes)

Watching a old pictures and music when Jenine yelled "Bear!"

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Once the bear left, we gathered our kids and things and went back to the Park Vista.

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100_6304.JPG (1322028 bytes)

I had Luke, Grace and Audrey act like the bear was near

100_6312.JPG (961713 bytes)

We watched the sun go down

100_6311.JPG (1262401 bytes)

We arrived at the Park Vista in time to see...

100_6313.JPG (574782 bytes)

.... a waxing Gibbous Moon rise

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The parking lot was full of Baptist Church busses.  The name of this one will make you get religion.

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We all arrived safely after our bear scare.  Carole was able to rescue a bottle of wine.

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