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Lopatka Family Reunion in the Great Smoky Mountains

Day 4 June 23, 2010

Wednesday was a free day until the evening when we went to the Tennessee Smokies' Park to watch the Cub's AA team play the Carolina MudCats.  I was asked to throw out the first pitch, but I gave that honor to my granddaughter Michelle, who threw a perfect pitch to the catcher.  Pictures are on Page 5.

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On Wednesday, Sabine and Michelle went for a ride

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Sabine's horse was named Adeline

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We spent 15 minutes taking self timer pictures 

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We has 10 seconds to run and pose for a picture

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Debbie, Sandi and I would set up our cameras on a rock,

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Then we would do a count down. press the shutter then run

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Grace was afraid to go down the slide alone, but once she did, she, she went down 10 times. 

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