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Lopatka Family Reunion in the Great Smoky Mountains

Day 3 June 22, 2010

We Just finished dinner when a big bear came to visit us!    

Thanks to my nephew Mark for catching these rainbows. Thanks to Jay and Face Book for some of the bear pictures.

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When Nick spotted the Bear coming out of the woods, he told his Mom and she yelled, "Bear!" 

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The smart people rounded up the kids and got into the cars, the rest of us grabbed our cameras and took pictures and videos.

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Kathie told the kids to get in the car!

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The Bear just looked at all of the crazy people.

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Video of Dan trying to scare Jay as he exits the Boy's Room

Video of the bear coming over to the parking lot

Video of the bear being followed by the Lopatka Paparazzi


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To Lopatka Paparazzi: Please send me pictures of the bear and I'll add them to this site. 


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The Bear that came to Dinner 

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