This building in the 1600 block of Damen Ave. is where I worked in the Carl-Sons Hardware store as a teen.  My Dad's Grandfather Klemm lived up stairs.  He had a barber shop on the corner of North Ave. and Damen.  He had 6 Barbers on duty.  You could get a shave, hair cut or even get a tooth pulled with a shot of whiskey to kill the pain.  Before he bought that shop, he made his money as a barber on a Mississippi Riverboat.

This is Sabin Elementary school.  I went to college there from 1958-1961 when I got married.  That was the North Branch of the Chicago Teachers College, that later became Northeastern IL.  I graduated from there in 1962.  It was less than a mile from my house.  St Mark was my grade school, and it was more than a mile.

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This house is located at 2038 W. Homer.  My Mother's grand parents lived on the 3rd floor and in the garret with their daughter, Mary. Their daughter, Anna and Uncle Joe lived on the second floor and Rose and her husband lived on the ground floor.

This Stromberg Carlson television that my Uncle Frank purchased in 1956.  It hasn't worked  since the 1960s, but it still sits in his parlor.


The tan house at 1230 N. Maplewood (Above) is where my wife Carole and her brothers Ted and Ed grew up. 


The gray house next door is where her Aunt Angie lived.  Carole had no phone, so when I wanted to talk to her, I would call her aunt and she would tap on the window and pass the phone.

The brown house (Above) is where my Carole was born.  (Located on Thomas Street)

St Mark School (Above) is where I went to elementary school.

St. Fidelis (Above) is where my wife Carole went to school.



My Aunt Irene sent me the note below to inform me of 2 more places that they lived.  1736 W Le Moyne and 1411 N. Bosworth




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