In 1923, my Grandparents were forced out of the Diversey store, so they bought a store at 1530 N Paulina for about $3500.  They stayed there until 1933, when the Great Depression forced them out of business.  They fed their customers until the money ran out.

This garage is in back of the Paulina store.  My Grandfather parked his car in here.

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My Uncle Joe and my Aunt Irene bought this house and the lot on the left for $1900.  The building is located on Wood St.  It was  purchased in 1937.  My dad helped my uncle move it 3 feet to the North, because my uncle was afraid the city would take the empty lot and build on it.  My relatives lived in the house while the move was made.  My dad hooked up garden hoses to keep the water running.  He clamped a tire inner tube to the waste stack so that the toilet could be flushed.  I remember visiting there in the early 1950s, where they still had a chicken coop where they got their eggs.  I vividly remember my cousin Joe taking the head off of a chicken.  I learned what it meant to run around like a chicken with his head cut off.  In November of 2011the house was sold and demolished.