This house, located at 2128 N Armitage Ave. was owned by my Great Grandparents, Francis and Frances.  Bessie lived in the garret (attic) and Julius lived in the basement.  I remember visiting my Aunt Clara and Uncle Benny  there in the 1950s.  Harry and Helen  and John and Margaret  also lived there before.

When my mom was 2, they moved into a store at 1932 N Robey (Now Damen Ave.).
They lived there until she was 8, and then they moved to a house on Montana Street.  They had a grocery store on Diversey and Francisco. They had a horse in a stable in back of the house.  A shed now stands where the stable once housed the horse.  (pictured below.)

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The grocery store on Diversey and Francisco is now a supermarket.

The house on Montana Street is now an empty lot. (Above)