My Mom's Aunt Anna lived at this house on Laport and Elston Ave.  They had the beautiful yard and rock garden.  (Above Right) We spent many fun filled days and nights there.  I remember helping my Uncle Joe paint the cyclone fence with a brush.  We were on opposite sides of the fence and our faces were spotted with silver paint.  My Mom's cousins, Joe, Bob and Mick were teenagers with a lot of great toys that they passed on to us.  They had radio control airplanes in the 1950s,  That was something, since transistors were not on the market yet.  I remember tip-toeing to the top stair of the second floor at midnight with several hundred marbles one night and dropping them all.  The final marble got to the first floor several minutes later.  My Grandmother's bedroom was located under the stair way.  She was a saint.

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This apartment is located on Wabansia, between Mapelwood and Rockwell.  My brother Herb was born there.  My parents moved in to Grandpa's building in 1939, where I was born in 1940.  Uncle Frank and Emma lived there until 1943.

This house is located at 1942 N. Keeler.  This was our first apartment.  Kenny was born while we lived there.  I remember the landlord had a hundred pound boxer that scared the Dee-Dee Diaper man.  He needed a diaper change after that.