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St. Mark Class of 1954

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Back Row, Left to Right: Phil Tazbier, Greg Lopatka, Ken Fury, John Czarnik, Robert Lucas, Paul Merkiewicz, Dennis Schelling, Larry Revolinski, Jim Schmidt, Sal Charmonte, Robert LaSalle, Thomas Klosinski, George Idzikowski and Rich Spida

Third Row, Left to Right: Carol Siebert, Sharon Mrozinski, Carol (Spaulding) Kuhn, Dorothy (Wozniak) Settanni, Joan Gudz, Frances (Beran) Myers, Theresa Madura, Carolyn Czarnik, Dorothy Dzien, Dolores Klopack, Renata (Korabik) Bork, Janice Wisher, and Barbara (Wolowicki) Mitchell

Second Row, Left to Right: Richard Golek, Ron Bristen, Dan Mackowski, Ron Rigenstrup, Bob Condl, Joe Straube, Robert Urbaniak, James Kielczynski, Charlie Gordon, Gerald Sieja, George Sikorski, Ken Denzel, and George Minkalis

Front Row, Left to Right: Lucille Amarillo, Felicia Madrak, Laura Lee Wilkins, Pat (Mohan) Hamm, Father Rochford, Father Dunn, Father Faucher, Arlene (Koprowski) Domagala, Marian (Guzan) Floreani, Arlene Madrak and Elizabeth (Kaiser) McFarland

St. Mark Class of 1953

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Back Row,  Left to Right:  Wayne Sieck, Jerry Pietrusiak, Richard Petite, Jim Lechowski, Joe Kurgan, Danny Bator, Frank Sala, Richard Mendralla, Joe Citwinski, Ronald Zachwieja, Thomas Gorka.

Third Row,  Left to Right:  (Not sure), Joan Mueller, Charlene Bristen, Barbara Mandziera, Patricia Ruess, Phyllis Primack, Sandra Majka, One of the twins either Anna Maria and Mary Ann Brown, Alice Dragowski, Not Sure, Anna Marie Brown, Gloria Kosla, Carol Keating, I think Francis Cook, Not Sure, Rosemary Geiss.

Second Row,  Left to Right:  Ron Dynowski, Ray Holloway, Bill Furey, Earl Splitt, Gerald Gross, Don Schmitt, Sam Muscarella, Ronald Gregorczyk, Thomas Sturgeleski, Melvin Knick, Bill Stuerke.
Front Row, Left to Right:   Celeste Figura, Geraldine Kurtzer, I think), Twins Cynthia and Carol Kroll, Not sure, Father Faucher, Father Dunn, Father Rochford, Frances West, Not Sure, Diana Lucas, Jackie Niemczyk.

St. Mark Class of 1955

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Back Row,  Left to Right: ?, Edward Signature, William Lipinski, Lawrence Marcinick (Sp?) Bert Bradke, ? Joseph Sefranik (sp?), ?, Geraldine Manzearia (sp?), Loretta Hadzima, Thomas Blasage (sp?) ?, ?, ?, Jerome Figura, ?, Kenneth K?
Third Row,  Left to Right: Joyce Janus, ?, Marilyn Kluk, Marcia Lejman, Barbara Staysik (sp?), ?, Marguerite Czarnik, ? Mary Ann Odwazny, Joyce Pecka, Sandra Smitana (sp?), Shelia Vaugh, Barbara Kologiaczyk, ?, ?, ?, Theresa Bonerick (sp?)

Second Row,  Left to Right:  ?, Craig Waryas (sp?), Roy Kilss, Robert Ferentz, Edward Bohontin (sp?), Donald Bresman (sp?), Paul Straube, John Joyce, Thomas Wall, Robert Mijka (sp?), ?

Front Row, Left to Right:  ?, ?, Shirley Antoni, Peggy Mahar, Father Rochford, Father Dunn, Father Faucher, Judy Sullivan, Bernadine Madura, Geraldine Kologiaczyk, Patricia Pullizzi (sp?)


John Ozag found this website and sent me 2 pictures from his class of 1959.  My sister Mary was in that class.  He would welcome any information about his classmates.

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My sister Mary is in the front row, second from the left.

St. Mark's 1955.jpg (2070631 bytes)

John Ozag is the young lad in front on the far right. He looks inocent, but he also looks like he is up to something. He wrote, "I don't remember the classes being so big. Nowadays, classes are smaller. If you have any other photos of these classes I would enjoy seeing them. Likewise if you have any info on any of these people, I would be interested in how their lives turned out. You may share these pictures with appropriate people or on your St. Mark website." 

When I (Greg Lopatka) started teaching in 1962 at Beethoven School, My first class had 48 students from the Robert Taylor Homes.  I earned that $5,250.00 that year. 


I found my old St. Mark Graduation autograph book!   

They are black and white photos that I tried to turn into color photos.

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Larry Revolinski

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Jim Schmidt

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Ken Fury

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Arlene Madrak

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Felicia Madrak

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Dolores Klopack

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Phil Tazbier

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Rich Spida

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Robert Lucas

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Ken Denzel

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George Idzikowski

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Paul Mierkiewicz

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Ron Bristen

Greg Lopatka

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Sister Hellen Ann

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Arlene (Koprowski) Domagala 

Barb.jpg (53315 bytes)

Barbara (Wolowicki) Mitchell

frances.jpg (48935 bytes)

Frances (Beran) Myers

Bob Condl

Father Charles Gordon

Dan Mackowski

Ken Denzel

Jim Schmidt

Greg Lopatka

Rich Golek

Paul Mierkiewicz

Phil Tazbier (Deceased 2012)

Pat (Mohan) Hamm

Rich Spida

Ron Bristen

Elizabeth (Kaiser) McFarland 

Ron Rigenstrup

Robert LaSalle


Jerry Pietrusiak

Sal Charmonte


Don Schmidt


Ray Holloway

Mel Knick

Wayne Sieck

Father Faucher (Deceased 2012)

Father Rochford

Father Dunn

8th grade 024.jpg (507982 bytes)

We try to round up members of the Class of 1954 whenever Father Charles Gordon comes in from South America.  We met for pizza on November 13, 2002. (Left to Right) Paul Mierkiwicz,  Jim Schmidt<AIKIJIMBO@Yahoo.com , Charley Gordon, misionerostrinitarios@hotmail.com , Ken Denzel<KENDENusa@aol.com , Father Faucher, Phil Tazbier, and Greg Lopatka g.lopatka@comcast.net

Jim and Phil went to Holy Trinity together and Jim had a great story story for me at our 50th Reunion in 2008. 

Father Faucher passed away in July of 2012.  He was 86.  He came to St. Mark in 1951 when I was in 5th grade.  He was so full of energy.  He started a basketball team, even though we did not have a gym.  He arranged to get us some practice time at Lafayette School twice a week.  He played with us and taught us how to play.  My classmate Phil Tazbier has a great story about him on my St. Mark Memories Page.  Father Faucher was the most influential person in my teen years.  I served mass for him and even thought about being a priest, but I got over that when a few pretty girls smiled at me.

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Father Charles Gordon, Greg Lopatka and Father Faucher.

8th grade 022.jpg (412831 bytes)

Ken Denzel and Phil Tazbier

8th grade 027.jpg (566556 bytes)

We met again in 2006 at Ken Denzel's house (Left to Right) Jim, Greg, Ken, Paul and Plil from the class of 1954.

We had members of other classes join us.  "Jerry Petrusiak" <jerryelder39@yahoo.com> ; "Ray Holloway" <rayholloway1@aol.com> ; "Don Schmidt" <donschmidt3665@sbcglobal.net> See pictures below.

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(Left to Right) Ray, Jerry and Don

We got together again in 2006 at Phil's house in Huntley, but I was at a Jimmy Buffett concert, so I later put my head in the picture with Photo Shop.  Ray picked up Father Rochford, who is retired.  You can call him at: 630-257-3970

Bishop Lyne Resident Room 103
12230 Will Cook Rd.
Palos Park, IL 60464

Father Faucher is at: St. Edna 847-398-3368
2525 N. Arlington Heights Rd. Arlington Heights IL 60004

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2006 007.jpg (281933 bytes)

I did get to see Charley when Ken brought him over to visit my Mom.

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Thanks to Father Charlie Gordon for these pictures of the class of 1954 in 4th grade, I found myself sitting behind Ken Denzel and in front of Phil Tazbier.  Click on the picture to enlarge the image and you will be able to read the sayings on the black board.  "Peaceful Thoughts make beautiful lives" Cleanliness is next to Godliness" and "Politeness is to say and do the nicest thing in the nicest way.  These sayings are timeless.


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