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Just the Class of 1958 graduates

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We added our Cheer leader, Carolyn Steck, Our Football Coach, Ted Jarosz and Holy Trinity President, Tim Bopp.

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This picture has every one.

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Jack and Pat Manzella

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John and Diane Jedzinak

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Ron and Desiree Lipowski 

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Joe and Pat Gorz

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Ron and Barbara Stutler

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Stan and Anne Marie Pienkowski

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Emerick and Mary Yurkovich

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Alex and Sandy Matus

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Walt and Doloris Welninski

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Rich and Suzanne Bargo

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Tom and Dottie Piskor

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Jerry and Bernice Hamziuk

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Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jarosz

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Greg and Carole Lopatka


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Chet and Arlene Lis

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Joe and Suzanne Wojcik

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Bob and Wanda Mulsoff

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Tim Bopp and Jodi Marquith

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Ed and Pat Kukula

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Jim and Linda Schmidt

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Tom and Virginia Mach

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Chester Galiga, Greg Lopatks, Brother Roy Smith and Chester Lis

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Eugene Bender

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Jack Nowosielski

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Joe Raso

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Carolyn Steck

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Brother Raymond Papenfuss

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James Dailydis

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Ken Kroll

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John Patela

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Lou Zielinski

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Joe Furgal

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The Chet and Greg Comedy Dual

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Greg give a plug to Tom Mach's Books

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Joe Wojcik get an award for traveling the furthest.

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Gene Bender get an award

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Joe get another award for his Running

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Joe Gorz gets an award for living close to School

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Chester presents Greg with a Tech Award 

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Co- Captains of the 1958 Football Team

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Ron Lipowski presented 2 lucky members with World Clocks 50th 073.jpg (859332 bytes)

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Ron Lipowski reads his Class of 1958 Poem.

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Thanks to Ron Sowizrol for serving as our photographer.  Ron was returning a favor to Greg, who took pictures of the class of 1957 last year. 

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Tom Mach talks to the students as Virginia helps out.

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Tim Bopp and Jodi show off the Computer Lab to their guests.

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Chet and I enjoyed lunch with Tim in our former Prom Site. 

The following people showed up:  
Richard Bargo, Eugene Bender, Tim Bopp, James Dailydis, Joe Furgal, Chester Galiga, Joe Gorz, Jerome Hamziuk. John Jedziniak, Ed Kukula, Ken Kroll, Ronald Lipowski, Chester Lis, Greg Lopatka, Tom Mach, Jack Manzella, Alex Matus, Jodi Marquith, Bob Mulsoff, Jack Nowosielski, John Patela, Stan Pienkowski, Tom Piskor, Joe Raso, Jim Schmidt, Carolyn Steck, Ronald Stutler, Walter Welninski, Joe Wojcik, Emerick Yurkovich, Louis Zielinski, Brother Roy Smith,  and Brother Raymond Papenfuss.  
Thanks to the Reunion Committee Members: 
Chester Lis, Chetlis27@aol.com, Greg Lopatka, g.lopatka@comcast.net, Chester Galiga, cgaliga@comcast.net, Ed Kukula, pkukula@sbcglobal.net, Joe Wojcik, hsrunnr1@msn.com and Bob Mulsoff
HOLY TRINITY by Ron Lipowski

It's been fifty years since we said goodbye,

to the hollowed halls of Trinity High.

Now we meet again, not looking quite the same,

but let's all remember from where we came.


Thanks to the brothers who helped shape our lives,

they gave us direction and taught us well.

We learned discipline, courtesy and trust,

and that heaven was a much better place than hell.


We all went on our separate ways,

seeking that perfect profession.

We searched for that elusive dream,

and employment became an obsession.


When we found our niche in this wide world,

we had all the tools to help us thrive.

We learned from the best teachers in the land,

they gave us a reason to succeed and they gave us the drive.


Now all the memories that we shared,

will live on into infinity,

Thanks to our graduation,

from our school Holy Trinity.


Please send me pictures or stories from your years at Holy Trinity High School, and I'll add them to the Memories Page: 

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50 year Reunion of the Class of 1957 

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