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Fall Ball 2011

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Elaina gets mobbed after her home run in Kankakee

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Everybody is smiling

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These pictures are from our Lisle Tournament

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Roselle July 31, 2011

We won the first game 7-4.  We almost gave it away with some fly balls and ground balls that were lost in the Sun, but our opponents had problems with the Sun and our hard shots.  (The setting Sun was brutal)  In the Championship game we batted around in the first 3 innings to win our 3rd five inning slaughter in 2 days.  Jordan pitched a fine game and Elaina came in for the save to advance us to the Finals.  Elaina went the distance in the championship game.  There were so many key hits, that I will have to watch the DVD and take some notes.  

I have a digital recording of both games from behind home plate that I will be putting on a DVD. $10 will get you one. Money will go to the team. I recorded all 3 of Saturday's games, but I was so far away that the girls appear slightly bigger than ants.  I also have a DVD of the Rosemont game with Slow Motion highlights. After Nationals, I will put together a disc with all of the still pictures that I have.

E-mail me to order one of the DVDs. g.lopatka@comcast.net

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Michelle put on quite a show for her 3 cousins, 2 grandparents, 2 aunts an uncle, a brother and Mom.

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Hattie caught a double header with 90 degree Temperatures

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She gives me that look, but I can clean her up in Photo shop.

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The team tried to make a call to Bree who was at band camp

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But their trophies were waiting

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Roselle July 30, 2011

We were undefeated in the 3 Saturday Pool Play Games, winning the first 2 by slaughter rule.  Elaina just missed a no hitter in game one.  Jordan was mowing them down in game two until a couple of errors and walks got her in trouble. Karna came in and picked up the save. Elaina pitched another gem in game three, but gave up 3 unearned.  Bailee made a diving catch of a bunt that was popped up,  then doubled the runner off of first.  Michelle hit a 2 out, 2 run home run to tie the game and give us the #1 seed for Sunday's games.  

Michelle had a 3 run Home run and a triple in game one.  Bree had a grand slam and a triple.  Hattie had a triple, as did CC and Bailee.  

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4 RBI on one hit!

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We had a two hour break at Portello's

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 Rosemont U18 Rumble 

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July 22, 2011  We were undefeated in the Rosemont Under 18 tournament. We beat an 18 year old team 3-0 with some timely hitting and great fielding.  Michelle drove in the first run and scored the second run.  Hattie drove in the third one.  Our 12 year old catcher, Bailee,  made a great play to turn a double play when she pounced on a bunt, fired it to Elaina at first, then scooped up a low throw while blocking the plate and tagging out a runner that was trying to score from third.  Karna and Elania combined to pitch a shut out!  We never got to play another game because the week end was washed out by 8 inches of rain.

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We Did It! Six Straight Wins

To win the 2011 Heritage Classic 16 U State Tournament in Joliet, IL

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I had the best Father's Day ever as I watched my Granddaughter Michelle's Revolution Elite Softball team go undefeated in the 12th Annual Heritage USSSA State Tournament.  They got contributions from every player to win in 3 come from behind games.    


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(Above left to right) Carna Winning pitcher of game 1, 12 year old hitting star, Bailey and Michelle.

(Right) Elaina who won games 2 and 3 and was named Tournament MVP.

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CC and her All Tournament Award

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Hattie with her All Tournament award

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(Left) Michelle with her All Tournament award.

(Above) Michelle's proud grandpa.

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Juss made a great game saving catch in left and was 2 for 3 and scored our tying run in the 4th.

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Jordan scored the winning run when she stole third and went home on the overthrow

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Kim played flawlessly at second and put down a perfect bunt to set up our first run.

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Taylor made a spectacular play at 3rd and drove in the first run of the game.  She also tripled in a run in the semi final game.

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Karna doubled in the championship game and won 2 in the circle.

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Abby singled and scored our first run and ran down every fly ball. 

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Hatti drove in the 2nd tying run then scored the winner.

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Bree tripled and scored final run  and rean down every flyball.

100_2878.JPG (2179204 bytes)

Michelle tripled, singled and was hit by a pitch in the semi final.

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Bailee had a double and several walks and singles leading off. 

100_2873.JPG (3361196 bytes)

Elaina homered in the semi and pitched us to 4 wins.

100_2810.JPG (2422591 bytes)

The girls watch to see who will play for the championship.

test4Romeoville's Abby Smith was a member of the Voyager Media All-Area Softball and Basketball teams en route to being named the Multi-Sport Athlete of the Year.

Romeoville's Abby Smith was a member of the Voyager Media All-Area Softball and Basketball teams en route to being named the Multi-Sport Athlete of the Year.

Posted: Thursday, July 7, 2011 12:00 pm | Updated: 11:38 am, Tue Jul 5, 2011.

The sign of a great athlete is being able to compete in just about any sport you choose to do.

To find someone with those traits you have to look no further than Romeoville's Abby Smith.

Smith, a sophomore, was on the Voyager Media All-Area basketball and softball teams and her performance in both helped her to be named the Voyager Media Multi-Sport Female Athlete of the Year for the 2010-2011 season.

In middle school Smith also ran track and played both volleyball and soccer but had to cut the list down to two for high school.

"I played five sports in middle school," Smith said. "I don't want to sound cocky, but they told me I was good. I had things though that I needed to improve on in all of the sports. It just comes naturally to me. It's in my blood. I'm pretty happy with the sports I picked. Having to pick between track and softball was a hard one, but I like softball and I like my team. I think I could do better in softball than track, so I think I made a good choice."

Playing two sports and being good in both is seldom seen these days with the specialization of single sport athletes and the time commitments. However, Smith has been able to do both exceptionally well so far, even though her favorite sport is basketball.

"It's pretty hard (to play two sports)," Smith said. "Sometimes I have basketball games and softball games on the same day. I think I'm getting used to it now. It's not that hard, but it's something that my teammates and coaches had to help me with. I do a lot of both every day in the summer."

After a solid freshman season in both sports, she took it to the next level this past year.

She averaged 11 points, five assists and more than three steals per game while leading her team to 21 wins in basketball and batted .530 in softball, one of the top averages in the area.

"Since this was my second year, I had a little more experience," Smith said. "Freshman year helped me out a lot and coming into my sophomore year I worked on a lot of things I struggled with. My sophomore year I felt like I had to step it up a little bit."

Her great batting average can be attributed to her coaches.

"I have to thank both my school coach and my travel coach," Smith said. "They saw how my freshman year I was only an average batter and they helped me out a lot. They helped show me where each person is in the infield and outfield and to find a place where to hit the ball."

With all of her accomplishments the past year, she is most proud of those basketball wins.

"The 20 wins in basketball is my highlight," she said. "Everybody didn't believe in us and coming out with 20 wins changed everyone's mind. My junior year we're going to have more teams wanting to beat us and I want it that way."

Smith plans on continuing to play both sports her final two years of school.

"Basketball is my No. 1 sport, but softball is something I've played for so long it's hard to give up," Smith said. "I don't want to stop playing it until I have to. My goal for basketball is to be conference champions and for softball to have at least double digit wins."


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