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The Thursday July 23rd game started at 7:00 P.M.

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 Bracket Play started on Thursday July 23rd

Not these kind of brackets, but we dropped our first game and now we are in the elimination Bracket, so we have to win or go home.  We gave them 3 runs in the first, so we were chasing them all night long.  We came back to a one run deficit, at 4-3, with runners on 2nd and 3rd, but we couldn’t get the 2 out hit.  We went out for pizza after the game and the girls presented me with a game ball (from our win) that was autographed by the whole team.

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Video Clips From Game 5

Sorry, I didn't get much quality video, because the fences were too high at Blue Valley, I did get a few through the backstop screen.

Abby's Bad Call

BB's Catch 2

9-3 Put out



CC Scores

Michelle's double


Hattie's Single

3-5-4 Double Play

Justine's Bunt single

Maddie's Double

Kala's Hit

Maddie's Foul

Out Stealing

Video Captured Stills

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20090723193449(1).JPG (531209 bytes)

Michelle lines a 2 base hit over 3rd base.

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You can see the ball just above the score board.

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Game 6 slipped away from us as we took an early 6-0 lead, only to lose 8-7 in the 7th.  

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We went back to our hotel and tried some basketball.

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This is the first time I tried basketball on my new metal hips!

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The girls cooled off in the pool, it was in the 90s today.

Michael had fun. 

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Michael and Will started to develop webbed feet.

100_7256.JPG (1374545 bytes)

Their position numbers are 7-2-4-3. (Left to right)

Video Clips From Game 6

Sorry, I didn't get much quality video, because the fences were too high at Blue Valley, I did get a few through the right field screen.

Pop out 

3-4-2 Out at Home

4-3 Ground Out

BB's Lead off hit

CC's Steal

Chell's Steal

Chell's Infield Hit

Hattie Gets Dirty

Melissa's Hit

Maddie's RBI

Chell's RBI



RBI Walk

Taylor Massaro's Double

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