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My Granddaughter Michelle started her second year at Romeoville High School.  Their softball season started on March 27, 2010.   They played 2 games against Morton High School.  They dropped the opener 2-0 and lost the night cap, 5-4 in extra innings. We are excited about this year, because many of Michelle's team mates have played a year on the varsity last year and they were  reunited with several of their AVM Viking Junior High Team stars that won the 2007 IESA Regional Championship with Coach Douglas, who is now their High School Coach.

September 10, 2007 Regional Champions

September 9, 2007 They needed a 7 run last inning rally to advance to the Championship game.

Click here for pictures from her freshman year:    Argo   Bradley   Oswego   Reavis  Awards Party  More Softball Pictures


All of these pictures have been cropped and reduced, so if you click on the picture, you will get the full resolution, but not the uncropped original.  If you want the original, e-mail me and I'll send it on.

They won their first game today, (3/29/2010) it took 8 innings, but we beat Thornwood 1-0 Beka pitched a shut out!

April 10, 2020 Argo no hitter by Alena

April 12, 2010 Rich East 3 Home runs

April 20, 2010 Plainfield East 7-4 Win

May 4th, 2010 Plainfield North 5-3 Win

May 6th, 2010 Oswego 5-4 Win

May 15, 2010 Bolingbrook

100_0816.JPG (655686 bytes)

Michelle was the dirtiest player again as she made several diving stops.  She hit a long fly to the left center wall in her first at bat.  The next time the centerfielder was playing 3 feet from the wall, so she had no chance to catch Michelle's blooper single.  Becka pitched an 8 inning shut out.  We hit the ball well, but good plays and the foul pole kept us off of the board until the 8th when Melissa pinch hit for Jessie and led off with a walk.  Jessie ran for her and went from 1st to 3rd on a perfect bunt by Becka.  Jamie singled her home for the only run of the game.


100_0817.JPG (785433 bytes)

100_0818.JPG (851875 bytes)

dog.jpg (263899 bytes)

Abby's new pup had a lick of Michelle's Pizza.

becka-catch.jpg (266436 bytes)

Here are two of the talented freshmen that made the varsity team.  Abby (left) with her new dog started in center field and Becka (above) made the catch of the game while playing short stop.

2010-03-27Morton 018.jpg (1779923 bytes)

Michelle, Abby and Maddie enjoy a slice of pizza after the game.

2010-03-27Morton 021.jpg (508960 bytes)

Michelle drove one to to the right field fence, but it blew just foul.

2010-03-27Morton 027.jpg (981909 bytes)

Hattie caught the double header and ripped a double to left field.

2010-03-27Morton 046.jpg (882037 bytes)

Elena slides safely into second. 

2010-03-27Morton 068.jpg (1516514 bytes) 2010-03-27Morton 069.jpg (1039343 bytes)

Becka fires a strike to Michelle to easily beat the runner

2010-03-27Morton 070.jpg (945555 bytes)

Michelle makes a stretch that make me hurt just looking at it

2010-03-27Morton 117.jpg (1959013 bytes)

Becka grabs a shot up the middle and dives to the bag to beat the runner by a hair.

2010-03-27Morton 118.jpg (1946378 bytes)

2010-03-27Morton 142.jpg (773086 bytes)

Michelle snags a low throw for out number 2

2010-03-27Morton 145.jpg (1109252 bytes)

Becka hits the third base bag with a line drive. The ball is above the third basemen. It looks like it is on Becka's head.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

2010-03-27Morton 148.jpg (626320 bytes)

The Morton short stop chases it down as Becka races to first

2010-03-27Morton 157.jpg (807693 bytes)

Hattie gets set to fire a strike to Michelle at first

2010-03-27Morton 159.jpg (817065 bytes)

The perfect throw beats the runner by a kilometer

2010-03-27Morton 191.jpg (598627 bytes)

Abby beats the throw to second easily

2010-03-27Morton 193.jpg (839327 bytes)

Jessie beats out another hit2010-03-27Morton 206.jpg (1939756 bytes)

Abby dive in safely and Elena makes it to 3rd

2010-03-27Morton 202.jpg (1708816 bytes)

Abby heads for home and tries to beat the throw 

2010-03-27Morton 244.jpg (1499881 bytes)

Jamie calls for the pop up and grabs it

2010-03-27Morton 251.jpg (1679410 bytes)

Abby, CC and Becka call for this pop up

2010-03-27Morton 211.jpg (1662628 bytes)

Elena scores on a wild pitch.

2010-03-27Morton 252.jpg (1755777 bytes)

Becka grabs it and holds on 

2010-03-27Morton 253.jpg (1882006 bytes)

As she gets flipped by Abby

2010-03-27Morton 257.jpg (1340704 bytes)

Elena strokes one to left

2010-03-27Morton 258.jpg (1432403 bytes)

Just to the left of the third basemen

2010-03-27Morton 260.jpg (1544807 bytes)

Base hit to left

2010-03-27Morton 264.jpg (1328930 bytes)

Jessie slaps one to left

2010-03-27Morton 268.jpg (1423240 bytes)

It sails into left field and fills the bases

2010-03-27Morton 282.jpg (1612848 bytes)

Becka fires another bullet to Michelle

2010-03-27Morton 284.jpg (1467623 bytes)

The throw is on the way

2010-03-27Morton 285.jpg (1589165 bytes)

She is out!

2010-03-27Morton 066.jpg (1594456 bytes)

Melissa pitched a fine game in the opener as she got got great defense but she didn't get any run support.

2010-03-27Morton 316.jpg (1624127 bytes)

(Above) Jamie makes a perfect throw to Michelle


2010-03-27Morton 317.jpg (1720287 bytes)

Michelle takes a fast ball off of the shoulder and starts a rally

2010-03-27Morton 324.jpg (1296111 bytes)

She makes it to 3rd on this muffed grounder and later scores

2010-03-27Morton 330.jpg (1596370 bytes)

This line drive buy (Need help) drove in the second run of the inning

2010-03-27Morton 341.jpg (1906028 bytes)

You make the call, is Elena faster than a speeding softball?  

2010-03-27Morton 346.jpg (1396177 bytes)

Becka drops one just 1 foot fair.

2010-03-27Morton 365.jpg (1752141 bytes)

There it goes (Upper Left Corner) It could be, it could be,..........foul 

2010-03-27Morton 301.jpg (1436607 bytes)

Another scoop for Michelle

A Nice Win Over Plainfield East

Plainfield East 116.jpg (529623 bytes) Plainfield East 118.jpg (555260 bytes)
Plainfield East 122.jpg (1236661 bytes) Plainfield East 123.jpg (601037 bytes)
Plainfield East 124.jpg (671713 bytes) Plainfield East 108.jpg (1137380 bytes)
Plainfield East 111.jpg (905797 bytes) Plainfield East 125.jpg (1119836 bytes)

The next 7 pictures were taken in a period of several seconds.

Plainfield East 127.jpg (1118899 bytes) Plainfield East 129.jpg (1226766 bytes)
Plainfield East 130.jpg (830877 bytes) Plainfield East 131.jpg (1021791 bytes)
Plainfield East 132.jpg (1043070 bytes) Plainfield East 133.jpg (988402 bytes)

Starting with Big M's pitch, Becka's catch and throw and Michelle's stretch and scoop.

Plainfield East 136.jpg (1163260 bytes) Plainfield East 150.jpg (818619 bytes)
Plainfield East 154.jpg (953032 bytes) Plainfield East 155.jpg (1067138 bytes)
Plainfield East 165.jpg (745257 bytes) Plainfield East 182.jpg (1074771 bytes)
Plainfield East 183.jpg (2123137 bytes) Plainfield East 184.jpg (1823263 bytes)
Plainfield East 185.jpg (1816767 bytes) Plainfield East 186.jpg (1507126 bytes)
Plainfield East 187.jpg (1497415 bytes) Plainfield East 188.jpg (1636693 bytes)
Plainfield East 185.jpg (1816767 bytes)

Click on this picture to see what fans looked like when Briana robbed them with her sensational catch.  This was the first out of the inning.  Runners had to go back to 1st and 2nd.

Plainfield East 191.jpg (1369223 bytes)

Plainfield East 192.jpg (1275895 bytes)

Plainfield East 193.jpg (934626 bytes) Plainfield East 195.jpg (1107802 bytes)

Elaina takes the flip from Becka and gets the force out for out number 2 in the 7th inning.

Plainfield East 196c.jpg (1007532 bytes)

This looks like big trouble the ball is headed for the wall, Abby goes back and leaps up to make a spectacular catch to give us a 7-4 win!

Plainfield East 197c.jpg (612733 bytes)
Plainfield East 198c.jpg (789538 bytes) Plainfield East 200.jpg (1769037 bytes)

Plainfield East 202.jpg (1368145 bytes)

Plainfield East 204.jpg (1168725 bytes)

The girls wait to here some words of wisdom from coach Douglas

Plainfield East 007.jpg (2372570 bytes)

Hattie, one of the hitting heroes, gives the media a post game interview.  She got a big 2 out RBI single in the first then later doubled home a run.

Tuesday, May 4th, the Romeoville Spartans took on the Plainfield North. The Spartans got off to a shaky start,  when  Plainfield jumped off to a 3 run lead in the top of the first.  The Spartans had base runners several times, but could not score until the 5th inning when they put 5 big ones on the board.  Thanks to a pinch hit double by Bree followed by another double by Jamie.  Hattie beat out a bunt and stole second CC got on and Melissa trippled them all in and scored the 5th run of the inning.  Melissa also had a double earilier and pitched 6 scoreless innings. to pick up the exciting 5-3 win
shirt 022.jpg (1101660 bytes)

This bases loaded single gave Plainfield N. a 3-0 lead in the first.

shirt 023.jpg (700800 bytes)
shirt 040.jpg (941569 bytes)

(Above) Jamie drives one to the fence for a 2 base hit.  (Right) Kala camps under a pop up.

shirt 059.jpg (882491 bytes)
shirt 066.jpg (472625 bytes)

(Above) Melissa's drive hits the fence for a triple.  (Right) Michelle almost gets robbed of a hit, but the ball landed in the grass.  Michelle was removed from the game when she got sick.

shirt 081.jpg (884604 bytes)
shirt 086.jpg (1000429 bytes) shirt 088.jpg (965778 bytes)
shirt 094.jpg (1331562 bytes)

Hattie slide in safely with a stolen base.

shirt 129.jpg (1102715 bytes)

Beka fires a strike to Jamie for out number 2 in the 7th.

shirt 136.jpg (1069561 bytes)

Jammi camps under a pop up and calls everyone off.

shirt 138.jpg (1167875 bytes)

Melissa jumps for joy as she picks up the thrilling 5-3 win

shirt 141.jpg (1410687 bytes)

The girls are all smiles after that thrilling win.

shirt 140.jpg (1621528 bytes)
Thursday, May 6th, the Romeoville Spartans took on Oswego High School.  Michelle was sent home on Wednesday with an upset stomach.  Coach Douglas told her to rest up for Thursday's conference game. Jamie played first and Michelle rested in the DH position.  The strategy worked  as Michelle hit a 3 run, game winning homerun in the 6th inning.
10-05-06 001cr.jpg (401579 bytes) 10-05-06 011cr.jpg (831256 bytes)

(Left) Abby give the camera a victory wave (Above) Michelle tries to beat the ball to first base. (Below) Michelle was called out on a close play.  She later walked and scored a double by Jamie to tie the game at 2-2.

10-05-06 012cr.jpg (302679 bytes) 10-05-06 013cr.jpg (434434 bytes)
10-05-06 015.jpg (562139 bytes)

With 2 runners on base, Michelle lines up an inside fast ball and...

10-05-06 016cr.jpg (417392 bytes)

She drives a 3 run homerun over the right field fence for a 5-4 win!

Spillman hits game-winning homer for Spartans

by Scott Taylor

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Elaina Caron

Elaina Caron


What a time for your first career home run.

Romeoville's Michelle Spillman hit a game-winning homer in the bottom of the sixth inning to defeat Oswego 6-5 Thursday, May 6.

It was the first time in her playing career in which she hit a ball over the fence.

“It was absolutely amazing,” Spillman said. “It was a high and inside pitch, which I struggle with. I went with it and hit it. I knew it was gone right away.”

It was the second time in as many weeks that Spillman had the winning RBI after driving home the winning run in the seventh against Plainfield South April 27.

“I've always gone for little hits,” the sophomore said. “I've been very confident lately. I've been practicing a lot and working really hard, so it wasn't that surprising.”

However, Spillman wasn't the only hero of the game.

Trailing 5-3 in the fourth, Romeoville turned to Elaina Caron to pitch and she kept the Panthers scoreless the rest of the game.

“It was very important to shut them down because I didn't want them to build their lead,” Caron said. “Then when we took the lead, I still had to shut them down (in the seventh) so we didn't give up the lead. I was confident because I knew the defense was behind me and would pick me up because they wanted the win as bad as I did.”

It marked the second Southwest Prairie Conference win in the week for the Spartans after they beat Plainfield North 5-3 Tuesday, May 4 and the third in four games.

“Those wins helped us feel better because we are going for a good conference record,” Caron said. “Now we know we can turn it around when we aren't playing well and we know we can still win the conference games.”

“It was definitely big to beat Plainfield North and win two SPC games,” Spillman added. The wins have also made Romeoville 11-15 on the year, 5-5 in the SPC after failing to reach double figures in wins last year.

The improvement is paying off as the Spartans are the higher seed for their regional quarterfinal game.

No. 16 Romeoville hosts No. 18 Waubonsie Valley Monday, May 24 at 4:30 p.m in the Benet Academy Regional.

A win would pit it against No. 2 Downers Grove North the following day in Lisle.

“Coach said this is the first year we are playing a lower-seeded team,” Spillman said. “We just have to try our best and not beat ourselves. I am pretty confident. It feels good to have the higher seed. We have a lot of talent and I feel we have a pretty good shot.

“I feel pretty confident,” Caron said. “This is the first time we are the higher seed, so we're happy. But we don't want to underestimate them (Waubonsie). Anything can happen.”

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Romeoville Spartans improved their conference record to  to 6-5 with a 10-2 win over Plainfield East.  Jami  hit a 2 run home run to deep center field, after Michel bunted Beka to second.  Michelle had 3 RBI with a single and a double that hit the right center field fence.  They dropped a pair of non conference games to Bolingbrook 6-3 and 3-2 on Saturday May 15.

10-05-14 004.jpg (132670 bytes)  

10-05-14 007.jpg (364359 bytes)

10-05-14 006.jpg (208402 bytes) 10-05-14 010.jpg (202609 bytes)
10-05-14 011.jpg (252317 bytes) 10-05-14 052.jpg (1342251 bytes)
10-05-14 021.jpg (204587 bytes) 10-05-14 022.jpg (587857 bytes)
10-05-14 023.jpg (607912 bytes) 10-05-14 024.jpg (499738 bytes)
10-05-14 026.jpg (258362 bytes) 10-05-14 027.jpg (237231 bytes)
10-05-14 038.jpg (366453 bytes) 10-05-14 039.jpg (378696 bytes)
10-05-14 059.jpg (167360 bytes) 10-05-14 060.jpg (129244 bytes)
10-05-14 081.jpg (492006 bytes)

10-05-14 111.jpg (528641 bytes)

Michelle got hit by a pitch, so she made the pitcher pay when she stole second base.

10-05-14 110.jpg (704869 bytes)

10-05-14 112.jpg (434348 bytes)

10-05-14 114.jpg (81377 bytes) 10-05-14 148.jpg (260489 bytes)

10-05-14 154.jpg (313304 bytes)

10-05-14 160.jpg (347332 bytes) 10-05-14 164.jpg (524078 bytes)
10-05-14 166.jpg (225260 bytes) 10-05-14 167.jpg (340751 bytes)
10-05-14 168.jpg (340425 bytes) 10-05-14 170.jpg (454878 bytes)


10-05-14 172.jpg (297730 bytes)

Michelle hits a shot up the middle

he 10-05-14 173.jpg (864907 bytes)

 The Bolingbrook pitcher makes a great kick save

Michelle's favorite player


pat-Kane.jpg (77274 bytes)



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