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Rockford Files (Video)

Abby Steals Second

Taylor's great catch

Great catch by Bree 

Easy Out

Base hit up the middle

Michelle Steals Second

Great throw

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Here comes the throw...

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She is safe!!!!

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These are the survivors of our Romeoville Revolution Tournament  June 27-28


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Algonquin Aces Summer Sizzler Tournament 

July 3 - July 5, 2009 

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Michelle gave us a 3 run lead when she drove this pitch over the left fielders head for a 3 run homer.                          

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Michelle gets a warm welcome from her teammates

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Taylor scores ahead of Jessie on Michelle's triple.

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Jessie as Michelle stops at third.

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In the second game, Melissa pitched a shut out 

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and hit a home run and a triple to earn MVP honors.

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Abby was 3 for 3 and was voted MVP in game one.

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Laina pitched us to a victory and clubbed a triple in our first bracket win.

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The coaches give them some words of wisdom after the win.


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July 24, 2008 Under 14 Softball World Series 

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Michelle's 13th birthday party

I posted some pictures on the Lopatka Photo Site that is hosted by my nephew Mark. Click here to go there: http://photos.lopatka.com/main.php?g2_itemId=7179 


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