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Our Great Granddaughter Carmela's 3rd Birthday

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The birthday girl feasted on some snacks while she waited for her guests to arrive.

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Little brother Lennie was just waking up from a nap, as Great Grandma Carole picked him up.

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Time for one last piece of salami before the guests arrive.

09-10-25Carmellas3rd-108.jpg (288812 bytes)

Dan and Sabine arrived with Grace, Audrey and Luke.

09-10-25Carmellas3rd-117.jpg (298839 bytes) 09-10-25Carmellas3rd-111.jpg (322278 bytes)
09-10-25Carmellas3rd-098.jpg (287249 bytes) 09-10-25Carmellas3rd-090.jpg (364159 bytes)
09-10-25Carmellas3rd-091.jpg (388322 bytes)

Carmela gets a lift from Grandpa Ken.

09-10-25Carmellas3rd-079.jpg (274736 bytes)

Great Grandpa Greg gets to hold Lennie.

09-10-25Carmellas3rd-094.jpg (331147 bytes)

Aunt Debbie gets in the picture 

09-10-25Carmellas3rd-057.jpg (364698 bytes)

Jeff and Luke get a hockey game going.

09-10-25Carmellas3rd-070.jpg (339483 bytes)

Time to open the presents!

09-10-25Carmellas3rd-058.jpg (388810 bytes)

Audrey helps bring the gifts.

09-10-25Carmellas3rd-066.jpg (398490 bytes) 09-10-25Carmellas3rd-010.jpg (330420 bytes)
09-10-25Carmellas3rd-008.jpg (335676 bytes) 09-10-25Carmellas3rd-030.jpg (325625 bytes)
09-10-25Carmellas3rd-009.jpg (320101 bytes) 09-10-25Carmellas3rd-003.jpg (339518 bytes)

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