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Stump skates out and his goalies go wild!


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Bolingbrook, IL 4/2/04
Attendance 24

final minute and added a 6th attacker.  That almost backfired as the Alien appeared to  score his 3rd goal, but he was way off side and the Whites had 30 seconds to get a tie with a running clock.  The Whites won the face off and Tweedy raced into the zone and blew the tying goal past the Brain to cap a thrilling come from behind effort by the Whites!  I can't remember everybody that scored, so I'm sorry if I missed you.

Calendar is filled!

Be sure to check the calendar on the right.  There are many new additions.  No ice on the 16th!  Papa Joe on stage at the end of

Goalies Gone Wild

Thor started the scoring marathon early in the first period when he beat the Brain to give the Whites a 1-0 lead.  That lead didn't too last long as Sanchez tied the score, when he fired a bullet past the startled Ghost.  The problem was Sanchez was on the same team as the Ghost.  It was about 20 years ago that the Alien had a brake away in the wrong direction and fired a shot at his own goalie. 
Harvey tied the meaningful score with a shot that beat the Ghost and then the Alien scored 2 more to give the Reds a 3-1 Meaningful lead.  Klinger put the game out of reach with a stealth shot through the crowd.  The meaningless contest was also getting out of hand as the Reds built an 8-3 lead with a flurry of goals by the Flea, Berserk, Tommy Z.  The Whites didn't quit as they

Is this guy having fun?

the month.  Summer skates are going to be on the second Friday of each month.  Picnic Date is tentative.  (Hacksaw will confirm the date when he gets the permit)

Cammi injured her Knee

Cammi injured her knee in a game against Sweden when she went Knee to knee with a team mate.

answered with a barrage of scoring by  Tweedy, his Brother Ken, Joe (Cupcake) Bobka and Johnny Z.  Suddenly it was 8-7.  The Reds answered with goals by Sean  and Berserk to make it 10-7.  Thor made it 10-8 and Rich Storm brought the Whites within striking distance.  The Whites pulled the Ghost in the

Berserk takes a stand by Sakic's locker.


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Beak was a happy camper at the 2nd annual opening day party.  His Cubs won and he picked up the pot after the Kansas City Home run.


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Tony and Tom

The Cup 

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The King 

Steve and Chris 

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Time for bed 

Klinger is tired 

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Waiting for a cab 

Still waiting for a cab  

This is week 5 of pictures from our Denver trip.  All of the above pictures were taken by Beak.  Frank put a great picture album together with over 100 pictures from Beak and Stump.Go To Last Week's News


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