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Beak's Denver Diet


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Bolingbrook, IL 3/26/04
Attendance 30

stand up as the Meaningful winner until late in the third when Ken Lopatka fired a blast at the Anvil that Brinks tipped past him to tie the Meaningful game at 2-2 and give the Whites a 3-2 meaningless lead.  Sean Morgan tied it at 3, but Berserk and Miller Lite picked up break away goals when they caught the Red defense rotating 5 men.

Denver Fun Tax

The new King issued a $53.00 fun tax to everybody that was caught laughing in Denver

The return of our  Canadian Railroad Duffers gave us 3 full lines and 5 defensemen. That set the pace for fast action and quick line changes.  Even the Alien-Harvey  line got into the flow.
Brinks beat the Anvil on his first shift to give the Reds an early 1-0 Meaningful lead.  The Cupcake made it 2-0, when he caught the Red defense in a confusing line change and walked in alone on the Anvil and beat him with a roof shot. 
Beak got the Reds on the board when Tommy Z worked Miller Lite over in the corner and poked the puck out to Beak in front of the net.  Beak was in too close to beat the Brain, so he took a stride away from the net and flipped a

Is this guy having fun?

Cub Sox Game

Beak has taken 14 orders for the Cub-Sox game at Sox park on June 27 from The King, Tommy Z (2), Tweedy (2), Wheezer (2) Nick (2) Tom Morgan (2), Thor,  Frank, Beak and Rich Storm.  Beak needs $30 now to guarantee you a seat to this sold out event.  The golf outing will be held on Saturday, August 28th at Waveland. Golf course.  $40.00!

Tommy checks the bill the way that the King taught him.

backhander through the Brain's pads to tie the meaningful game at 1.  Fruitcake gave the Reds the lead when Tommy Z cleanly won the face off to Perry.  The Flea moved in and put a pass right on Bobka's tape for an easy tap in.  It looked like that goal would

Berserk and Mini start singing in the sunset

More Denver Pictures

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Waiting for the crew 

Waiting for a cab

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Tony gets advise from his uncle Steve 


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Berserk's stick


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Tony and his staff 

Friendly advise from Dad 

This is week 4 of pictures from our Denver trip.  All of the above pictures were taken by Beak.  Go To Last Week's News


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