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Bolingbrook, IL 3/19/04
Attendance 20

Cub Sox Game

Beak is taking orders for the Cub-Sox game at Sox park on June 27.  The King was the first one to jump on the third annual ball game.  Beak needs $30 now to guarantee you a seat. 
Gulf Outing
The golf outing will

The Anvil had one of his busiest and best nights last Friday, when the Whites picked up a rookie at the trading deadline.  Attendance was down, due to March Madness and/or wife domination, so the new King gave the nod to young Ben Oskroba to fill a vacancy on the Whites.  Ben picked up 2 goals late in the game to give the Whites a close meaningless win.  His first goal was a beautiful roof top shot that Eddie had no chance to stop and his second goal came when Sanchez fired a shot into the crowd that hit Ben's skate and deflected into the corner of the net. 
The Anvil knew it was going to be a long night during the first shift, when
Brinks fired a pass to Beak that hit his skate, then hit

Avalanche goalie makes a save. 
Pictures by Stump

be held on Saturday, August 28th at Waveland Golf course.  $40.00 pays for 9 holes of Golf, food and drinks.  Beak is setting up foursomes now.  The best tee times go to the early money.  You can make your check out to Holy Trinity High School and get a tax deduction for the baseball game and the golf outing. 

Joe Sakic

his stick and flipped right into the net.  That turned out to be the meaningful game winner, as Gary the Ghost kicked out every meaningful shot that the Reds could muster.  Fruitcake put the win on ice, when he fired a shot that floated like a Frisbee right into the net.

Harvey's cheese cake desert

More Denver Pictures

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Harvey and the King 

Joe Sakic 

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The Big Worell 

Big save! 

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Skating and shooting 

Great move 

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Thor, Beak, Berserk and Knarf.

Game time. 

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Warm ups 

What a shot! 

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Good food 

Larry gets dressed 

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Hitman shows his sack 

Friendly handshake before the game. 

This is week3 of pictures from our Denver trip.  All of the above pictures were taken by Stump.  Go To Last Week's News


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