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Bolingbrook, IL 3/12/04
Attendance 22

Jimmy Buffett. Dates.  The party lands right on the golf outing date, so you now can choose between the Buffett party or the golf outing.  Let me know what you want to do  ASAP!
Klinger Krash

It looked like the Whites were off to an easy win when Thor beat the Anvil twice to give the Whites a 2-0 Meaningful lead, but Magoo cut the lead in half, late in the second period.  The Brain was doing a great job hanging on to the razor thin lead until the final minutes, when Harvey slipped in behind the defense and flipped in the tying goal.  The Meaningless contest also went down to the wire, with the Reds taking a 5-4 Meaningless win.  Eddie was Fantastic!

Thanks To Berserk

Chris came up with the top bid for the Goalie stick that was autographed by the Colorado Avalanche team.  He donated $500 to

Harvey fires the tying goal past the Brain.

There were several crashes that qualified for the Klinger Krash Award.  Klinger took a spill that ended his evening, when he was tripped from behind by someone who latter apologized.  Klinger is ineligible for the award since it is named after him.  Mini Wheezer was sent flying into the cheap seats by little Michael.  He almost stuck the landing, but he made a nice loud crash to compensate for the poor landing. 

the St. Rita Jim Misioura scholarship fund. 


We had very few responses to the March 27 Peoria trip, so I have removed it from the Duffer Calendar and added the

Berserk and Joe Sakic


More Denver Pictures

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Harvey shoots 

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The locker room 

Parking lot party 

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Time for a smoke 

Cold Strohs 

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Stump survived game 1 

Time to eat 

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Hitman tells a tail 

Berserk is in deep thought 

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Harvey tells how he set up Beak 

Beak reaches for the............... 

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Thor gives some tips to the Granatos 

Steve and Rob 

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Mike and Thor   

Frank and Tom 

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No bread for Beak 

Rich Storm checks us in 

This is week 2 of 220 pictures from our Denver trip.  Stump has another batch that he is sending me.  When I get them all, I'll have a CD filled with Denver Pictures.  to see the first batch of pictures,  Go To Last Week's News

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