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I have been working on a committee to help raise funds for a friend of mine at St. Rita.  If you would like to join us at Hawthorne Race Course, $50 gives you a buffet meal, open bar, parking and door prizes.  We can go right to Dinner with Duffers at the Pompei Bakery before Tony's game.  Tweedy and I will be at a table with Tommy Bryja.  If you can't make it, I'll have raffle tickets at Bonos this Friday.  Click the link below for more information. 

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February 21, 2003  Reporters**Cammi Granato**Rich Storm**Volume  IX Issue 07

Bolingbrook, IL
February 14, 2003

Attendance 19

Ice time was on an "All you can eat" special. Was it the Red Cupid Alert that took his toll on the Duffers last Friday, the 2 inches of snow or did the Orange Terror Alert have everyone buying duct tape? The following Duffers managed to avoid cupid's arrows, ignore snow storm warning and thumbed their noses at the Orange terrorists alert: Beer Nuts, The Z brothers, Rich Storm, Mini Wheezer, The Anvil, The Brain, Knarf, Buck Shot, Klinger, Beak, Thor, Hitman, Berserk, Hacksaw, Fruit Cake, Beak Jr., Hansen Brother and Sanchez.  Even Stump came out to referee with a bad wheel.  Rumor has it that the usually reliable Papa Joe

The Duffers get together for one last Las Vegas group picture.  Klinger, UB, Veto and Beavis are not pictured because that they were returning rentals.

couldn't make it because he used up all of his "Points" on his trip to Las Vegas.
Fruitcake was the only meaningful player to get a shot past the Brain to give the Reds a 1-0 meaningful win.  Thor hit the post and the Anvil used the "Meaningful Cheat" to rob Beak's one-timer.  (He knew that Rich Storm wouldn't shoot, so he slid over and stacked the pads on Beak's shot.  Berserk  was robbed several times before he finally roofed one on the Brain.  Mini-Wheezer scored first for the Reds on a rebound.  Klinger picked up an assist when he fired a pass off of the boards to spring Beak

Zagnuts gives us his imitation of The King.

Jr. for a break away goal.  Rich Storm's goal for the Whites could not overcome the youthful Reds despite a .999 save percentage that the Brain posted.

Page 2 Christmas Party Pictures

Klinger concentrates on his ribs as Thor blows his smoke the other way.

Page 2     Duffer Christmas Party

We had even more Duffers show up in Deerfield for the third annual, February Duffer Christmas party.  Johnny Z originally suggested that a Christmas party in February would be easier for everyone, because December is just too busy.  When he made that suggestion, he didn't know we would be on an Orange Terror alert and a Red Storm warning, but the Duffers are survivors.  Berserk and Wendy lifted the "Shoe Ban" when Mr. Clean threatened a boycott.  (See the Berserk Host with the front door notice in the picture on the right.)

The heated garage attracted more duffers (Right) than any other location.  Was it the Jello shots that were arranged in a Gay Flag manner, (Below) or was it the Beer keg?  Some say it was the manly riding lawnmower (above).  Ever since the Rat Pack Show in Las Vegas, Real Men want to have a lawnmower. 

(Left to Right) Butt Head, Magoo Mr. And Mrs. Mini-Wheezer, Thor, Zagnuts and Hitman.

Colorful Jello shots attracted many to the garage.

Rich Storm gets a friendly hug from party hostess, Wendy.

Jan, Mira and Carole . (Stare Babe) kept their husbands from making fools of themselves.  (Pronounced Stata Baba)

Duffer Christmas Party

I still have many Las Vegas pictures to post, for those of you that didn't get the Duffers Las Vegas CD-ROM, but the Christmas party offered some good bumping material.

beakfrank.jpg (75875 bytes) beakjan.jpg (134383 bytes) borisbeth.jpg (83267 bytes)

(Left) Knarf and Beak enjoy a Subway Cup of Strohs. (Center) Jan waits patiently for everyone to leave, so that she can start cleaning.  (Right) Hacksaw renews an old friendship with Beth Morgan.  He wonders why she never comes to watch us play.  Before she married Tom, she was at the rink every week.


berserk-mini.jpg (142586 bytes) caryoki.jpg (171931 bytes) hit frank.jpg (89023 bytes)

(Left) Berserk does a little bragging to Mini-Wheezer.  I hope he is talking about a fish he caught and not something he saw in the locker room shower. (Center) Dena and Wendy sing along with the Stump karaoke machine.  (Right) Knarf has another belly laugh as Berserk sucks down a Jello shot.  Hitman sees something he likes.


hit-morgan.jpg (150724 bytes) kenamada.jpg (136516 bytes) larry.jpg (29095 bytes)

(Left) Knarf adds his 2 cents to a Butt Head and Hitman conversation. (Center) Beak Jr. gives his daughter and Designated Driver, Amanda, a hug.  (Right) Larry helps empty the keg.


sanchez.jpg (74934 bytes) kids.jpg (81410 bytes) stump.jpg (110081 bytes)

(Left) Rookie Duffer, Lorenzo, brought his lovely wife Kathy out to meet the Duffers.  He may have picked up a new nick name when he showed a dislike for the Gomez handle.  Thor quickly called him Sanchez.  Will he get the Mexican Hat Dance when he scores like Gomez did?  (Center) The Amanda, Brandon and Jeff had fun with Wendy's Dog.  (Right) Designated Drivers, Stump and Miller Ultra Lite sip on a coke.


thorcandy.jpg (128685 bytes) thortommy.jpg (123680 bytes) wendy-hitman.jpg (142611 bytes)

(Left) Thor buys some candy from Jeff. (Center) Thor and Tommy stop talking for the camera.  (Right) Wendy gives the camera the finger or I should say the pinky.

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