Jim Misiora was posthumously inducted into the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame on January 25, 2009. 


The Jim Misiora Day at the Races was held on March 8, 2009!

Place: Hawthorn Race Course 3500 S. Laramie Avenue, Stickney, IL 

Date:  March 8, 2009

Time: Doors opened at 11:00 A.M. Buffet was served from 12:00-3:30 P.M.

Price: $75.00 included Parking, Buffet, Door Prizes and 4 hour Open Bar

Phone: 773-925-6600

Fax:    773-925-2451

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I wanted to do something to ease my pain, as I prepared to say good by to Jim Misiora, a dedicated teacher and coach.  This web site contains a few pages that will pay tribute to a man that gave so much to so many for so long.  Jim Misiora was the master of giving great quotes to the newspapers, so I'll give you one of my favorites from one of my professors at Loyola Grad school.  He said, "When you work in a Catholic School, The Priest and Brothers take the vow of poverty, and the lay teachers keep it.  Jim Misiora loved teaching and coaching and he certainly wasn't in it for the money.
I first met Jim when I had the good  fortune of coaching my son Dan Lopatka's Bantam hockey team.  We won a state championship with such great players as Bob and Cammi Granato, Tom McKenna, Don Yurisich, Jeff Jesdtat, Dave Sheedy and Paul Basic.  Dave and Paul went to St. Rita, in 1984.  By the time they finished their first semester, they convinced my son Dan, Jeff, Don and Tom into joining them at St. Rita.
Some Hockey parents thought "Coach Miz" should call some of these prime hockey prospects, but Jim played by the rules.  He never called my son or any of my players. He never compromised his integrity.  

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This picture shows Coach Miz at his best at the Hockey awards banquet in 1988, as Team captain, Dan Lopatka, delivers a few friendly quips.  Jim just can't wait to answer with a few of his famous "One Liners" that the newspaper reporters loved so much.



Date Event Outcome score

March 1, 1982

State Champs Win 4-2

January 13, 1985

Brother Rice
***March 27, 2010 State Champs Win 3-1
1986 Thanksgiving Mt. Carmel Win 4-2
1987  State Elimination Evanston Win 5-1
1986-87 Highlights  50 St. Rita goals and Saves 6 Wins  
1987  State Elimination St. Lawrence OT win 5-4

October 7, 1987

York tie 4-4
October 14, 1987 Oak Park tie 2-2
October 25, 1987 Oak Park Win 3-1
November 1, 1987 Naperville Central loss 6-4
November 8, 1987 Glenbrook North loss 4-2
October 31, 1988 Rice Vs. Marrist
October 7, 1990 York Win 7-1
October 10, 1990 Glenbrook North loss 3-2
October 13, 1990 Loyola Win 3-0
November 24, 1990 New Trier Win
November 25, 1990 Thanksgiving Marrist
February 22, 1992 Kennedy Cup Fenwick
11/30/1991 Loyola Thanksgiving Tourney Win
February 27, 1992 Kennedy Cup Marrist Game 1 Win 2-0
March 1, 1992 Kennedy Cup Marrist Game 2 loss 3-1
March 5, 1992 Kennedy Cup Champs Game 3 Win 2-1
March 14, 1992 New Trier
October 28, 1992 Fenwick
November 7, 1992 St. Lawrence
November 12, 1992 Mt. Carmel
November 18, 1992 Notre Dame
December 16,1992 Mt. Carmel loss 3-2
October 19, 1995 Providence
February 21, 1998 Mt. Carmel loss 4-2
February ?, 1998 St. Lawrence
March 5, 1998 Mt. Carmel Game 1 loss 4-0
March 19, 1998 Mt. Carmel Game 3 loss 4-3
November 18, 1999 Providence
March 8, 2001 Rice Vs. Marrist
1/1/1993 Andrew loss 1-0
1/1/1993 Mt. Carmel Win
1983 All Star Game
**1988 Sportsvision Shaumberg Win 8-2
1988 State tourney Deerfield
1988 Rice Win 7-2
1988 Fenwick Win 3-1
1988 Marrist tie 2-2
1988 Notre Dame Win 4-2
1988 Rice Win 8-2
1988 Mt. Carmel Win


1990 St. Lawrence tie 2-2
1996 Mt. Carmel
1997 Kennedy Cup Mt Carmel
?? Kennedy Cup Finals
11/30/? Mt. Carmel
2/6/???? Mt. Carmel
3/1/? Kennedy Cup St. Lawrence
Mt. Carmel game 3
Alumni Game
Oak Park
St. Joe's
Mt. Carmel
Mt. Carmel Gm. 1 K-Cup loss

**Features 40 minutes of Jim Misiora doing the color commentary of the Deerfield Vs. Naperville North Game of the Week.

*** New additions 

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DCP_6861.JPG (115173 bytes) DCP_6879.JPG (117638 bytes)DCP_6913.JPG (150403 bytes) 

(Left)  The Day started with Colorado Avalanche Coach, Tony Granato, presenting Greg Lopatka with a Jersey that was autographed by his team.  The Jersey sold for $900.  (Center) we had a warm view of the races on a snowy day.  (Right) Tom Brija (88) brought 2 friends from Indiana, and one of them won the $2000 grand prize.  We tried to disqualify him when we heard he was in the Mt. Carmel class of 1966.

DCP_6882.JPG (152425 bytes) DCP_6909.JPG (169018 bytes) DCP_6881.JPG (119860 bytes)

(Left)  Many stories of days gone by were shared and embellished.  (Center) Father Tom and Duke Kucera check on the Door Prize winners.  (Right) Mike, a  member of the class of 1988 won a basket of Chips. 


DCP_6883.JPG (158544 bytes) DCP_6884.JPG (150798 bytes) DCP_6902.JPG (151950 bytes)

(Left) Father Tom and Duke call for the split the deck winner.  (Center) We have another cash Winner.  (Right) Mary Misiora digs deep for the $2000 grand prize winner.


DCP_6896.JPG (139850 bytes) DCP_6894.JPG (152644 bytes) DCP_6906.JPG (161422 bytes)

(Left) Chris poses with the Black Hawk jersey that brought in $275.  (Center) Connie Johnson shows off the $900.00 Avalanche jersey.  (Right) The crowd waits for the $2000 grand prize winner announcement.


DCP_6886.JPG (170758 bytes) DCP_6885.JPG (151286 bytes) DCP_6911.JPG (141347 bytes) 

(Left) and (Center) There were some great baseball bargains.  (Right) Duke asks for help from his committee members.

DCP_6880.JPG (177211 bytes)

Old team mates.  Kent Allen (87), Dan Lopatka (88), Tom Brija (88) and Mike Scarmouzi. 

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