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February 7, 2003  Reporters**Cammi Granato**Rich Storm**Volume  IX Issue 06

Bolingbrook, IL
February 7, 2003

Attendance 30

Fruitcake scored 2 goals early to give the home team Whites a 2-0 meaningful lead.  That increased to 5-0 when the Bobka factor was applied.  Tweedy  set up Magoo for 2 Red goals to knot the game at 2-2.  Hitman gave the homers a 3-2 lead, but Beer Nuts banked a shot off of the back side of the Ghost to send everyone home with a meaningful 3-3 tie.
Uncle Bob also banked a puck off of the
Ghost's back for a goal.  Tweedy had a goal, but I can't remember any other Meaningless goals.  Brinks was in Colorado cheering the Avs on.  Bill BTW was in Florida.  Zagnuts played defense for the Reds, but he was in a lot of pain.  ( Las Vegas Ribs)

The NWHL Vancouver Griffins defeated the Pacific Steelers 6-3 to win the BC Senior AAA Provincial Championship.  Cammi had 3 goals and 2 assists.

Duffer Christmas Party Tomorrow!

Don't miss the Duffer Christmas party on Saturday, February 15th at the Chris Mazurk barn.  Festivities will begin after 7:00.  Take 294 to Deerfield Road, exit west to Frontage road then turn left and you will run into Deer Run Road.  He is located at 815 Deer Run Road. 

.Some of the highlights

  • Muzzy (Mug Nuts) showed up again on Friday
  • JD, a 52 year old Duffer Wannabe made his Duffer Début  and almost scored

(Left to right) Papa, Klinger, Knarf and Beak in Las Vegas.


Las Vegas, Day 2

buddy hacket.jpg (309449 bytes) DCP_6590.JPG (82487 bytes) DCP_6583.JPG (83027 bytes)

(Left) Uncle Bob and Tommy put on the foil. (Center) The King and Harvey lace up as Harvey Junior gives encouragement.  (Right) Klinger and Papa Joe wait for the Zamboni to finish.

DCP_6584.JPG (118404 bytes) DCP_6586.JPG (166644 bytes) DCP_6587.JPG (191610 bytes)

(Left) Thor and Magoo hit the ice. (Center) Beavis and Brinks watch Mini Wheezer eat his stick.  (Right) Gilbert puts on his game face.

DCP_6588.JPG (153050 bytes) DCP_6596.JPG (400874 bytes) DCP_6609.JPG (62510 bytes)

(Left) Fred gets ready for his first and only game. (Center) Las Vegas Team picture number 2.  (Right) Thor takes a seat in the penalty box.

DCP_6612.JPG (60764 bytes) DCP_6613.JPG (123366 bytes) DCP_6614.JPG (155406 bytes)

(Left) Klinger checks on the Pensky file. (Center) Thor and the King say grace before the team meal.  (Right) Mini Wheezer wonders if his Uncle cut the cheese.

DCP_6617.JPG (151487 bytes) DCP_6615.JPG (188318 bytes) DCP_6619.JPG (175450 bytes)

(Left) Klinger gets serious as Thor downs his Bloody Mary. (Center) The Nailer watches Uncle Bob cut the cheese.  (Right) The Nailer gives the group some old news.

 DCP_6616.JPG (234400 bytes) DCP_6621.JPG (86106 bytes)DCP_6622.JPG (123697 bytes)

(Left) The Nailer tries some of UBs cheese. (Center) The King checks the bill.  (Right) The King shows the total to Emily.

We finished up Day #2 by going to the Garth Brooks Tribute and at Chicago Sharks Hockey game.  Beak took a break, no pictures were taken.

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Vancouver Griffins

Cammi was named Player of the Segment.


  Cammi got 4 goals and 1 assist last Saturday night.  Shelley got 1 goal and 2 assists:-).


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