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November 23, 2001 
Reporters Cammi Granato ***** Rich Storm

 Brinks Does it Again!

November 16th

Brinks did a repeat of last week, as he scored a Meaningful goal late in the 3rd period to give the Home team Whites a 1-0 win.  Mini-Wheezer scored 2 of the goals for the Reds (He bought me a beer) I can't remember who scored the other meaningless goals, because Peoria damaged my memory.

Peoria, Saturday November 17th
We had 18 Duffers that made it down to Peoria on Saturday November 17. We played for almost 3 hours and the Rivermen beat the Arkansas River Blades twice. 
Overnighters:  Uncle Bob, Super Dave, Doc, Frank, Beak, Hacksaw, Beer-Nuts, King, Harvey,  Mini-Wheezer, Beavis, Brinks, Bob and Dan Granato.
Driving in Eddie's Camper:
The Anvil, Stump and Koss.  The Nailer drove down just for the Duffer game.
This is not a Rich Storm creation!  This is the real Anvil as he appeared at Cracker Barrel on Weber Road Saturday morning.
This one will have to be added to Duffer CD II Peoria slide and music show. 
New Orleans Roadtrip
The King has started to get a list together for a ride on a train to the city of New Orleans.  The Rivermen play the New Orleans Brass there on Friday, March 15, 2002.   

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Remember, all games start at 8:00!
Directions to Rocket Ice Arena

Bowling Pictures.

Hacksaw may have a new nick name.  If we use the name Mr. Clean, it needs no explaination. 

A Rich Storm Calendar is now available for only $4.95 
(Plus shipping and Handling) The calendar starts in 
November 2001 and ends with December 2002 All of your favorite Rich Storm Creations are included. 

Golf Outing Pictures are posted at:
 Holy Trinity High School 2001 Golf Outing
 Golf Outing September 2000
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The  The Peoria Rivermen

Worcester Ice Cats 

Peoria Gallery 

Brinks and The Anvil warm up for the Big game in the Peoria Civic center.
 Kevin Granato is all smiles after scoring a goal in Cincinatti on Friday.  He had a shorthanded goal and an assist on Saturday.

The New Duffer jerseys go well with blood.  Emil Ludi suffered a self inflicted wound when he picked off a pass and deflected it right into his lip.

After the Game, We got to Meet Jason's New Baby.

St. Louis Blues Scout, Bob Plager, greets the baby.

 The King can't look at Emil's bloody lip.

Beavis, Mini-Wheezer, Doc and Harvey wait for their first shift.


Beavis was so tired after 3 hours of ice time that he fell over and landed on his Butt.

 The King checks us in at the Holiday Inn.  Brinks and Knarf wait patiently for their keys and room assignments.

Rivermen Coach, Jason Christie shows off His Wife and new Baby.

Eddie's Camper?



Thanksgiving   7:50 AM @ Seven Bridges
NO ICE ON FRIDAY 11/23/2001 
March 13-17                                  New Orleans

Jimmy Buffett sang "The City of New Orleans"  at his Saturday concert.  The Duffers taught everybody how to sing a song when you don't know the words.

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