Happy Easter 2011

We celebrated Easter at Dan and Debbie's house.  Dan cooked up a feast as always.  Ken and Donna watched the DVD that I made a few years ago of my Mom making her famous potato dumplings and bacon.
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I took these pictures at the Morton Arboretum.

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Every Sunday I meet students there for GLOBE activities.

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Dona proudly presents the dumplings

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Ken and Donna get a kick out of watching the dumpling DVD

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Michelle can't wait for "Grandma's" dumplings

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Michael hand painted some eggs for his cousins

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Michael's artwork

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Carole and Debbie got flowers from ken and Donna

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Dan shows Michael a cornet

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Michael gives it a try

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Luke plays it surprisingly well

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He was having so much fun that he didn't want to share

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He had a fit when Audrey took a turn

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He made some moves that would have hurt me

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Audrey played well

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Audrey was better at sharing than Luke

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Michelle got a try

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That tickled her lips

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Grandma passed out the Easter Baskets

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Something small has Luke's attention 

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Click here to watch the Quick Time Video of Luke playing the Cornet

(You may have to wait a little, but it is worth it)

If that doesn't work, right click on the link and select open.egg1.JPG (296385 bytes)

Baby Audrey didn't like the Easter Bunny

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