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We had our biggest snow fall of the winter on February 10, 2010.  

Just when that snow was almost gone, we got 4 inches of wet snow on February 22, 2010, I'm sure glad my wife and kids bought me a heavy duty snow blower.  

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I used my hockey stick to lighten the load on these branches that were hanging near the ground.

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I love my snow blower

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We went to the Garfield Park Conservatory

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We visited the Garfield Park Conservatory on 2/19/2010

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They have the best looking train stop near the Conservatory.

February 10th Snow Storm 

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I started blowing the snow at 8:00 AM

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I cleared about 6 inches yesterday

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I started so early, so that Carole could go bowling

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I better get out of the way

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That 16 year old car still looks good!

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There she goes, my quiet time begins (Snow blowing is done)

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Carole bowled a 520 series  (she is on steroids)

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I didn't see any birds this morning, but here are a few pictures that were featured on Channel 2 News in January.

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These squirrel pictures were featured on the Channel 2, six o'clock news on February 15, 2010


This driver must be getting overtime. We thought a snow plow hit the curb at 4 in the morning when we were awakened by the 3.4 -magnitude earthquake near Elgin on February 10, 2010.



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