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Our #1 Goalies Return!

Romeoville, IL 04/17/09
Attendance 25
The Anvil and The Brain ended their 1 game walk out!

The Reds used a stout defense to stifle the Whites!  Grandpa Ken and Stump proved to be a dynamic duo, as they helped keep the puck out of their Zone.  Rich Storm and Bill By The Way did the same when the Kens were resting.  Grandpa Ken managed to blow a pair of goals past the Brain and BBTW scored one too, as the Reds got off to a fast start with 5 goals in the first period.  Fat Terry surprised everyone as he had 2 goals and no falls for the Reds.  Brinks, Steve "Crash" Granato and Back hand Johnny each solved the Anvil for 

Brinks and Brinks Jr. with a big Muskie

a goal to keep the Whites in the game.  The scoring settled down in the second period as both of the goalies had the rust knocked off.  Geno scored in the 3rd to tie the meaningful contest at 1-1.  The Maestro and Special Ed (Just in from Nashville) added to the Brain's misery with 3rd period goals.  The Whites were only able to get 3 goals past the Anvil.  The Whites had a hard time getting out of their zone, giving the Brain a plethora of shots.  All of that pressure gave the Anvil some much needed rest for his hangover.  The 8-3 win gave the Reds a slight lead in the 2009 Goal total.  Reds lead 103 to 101 after 15 games in 2009.  (See Stats)

The Reds averaged 6.87 goals per game, while the Whites dropped from 7 GPG to 6.73 this week. 
The Chicago Wolves' coaches gave us some great stories at Wild Wings, where the Reds won 9-8

Joke of the Night

A post office worker finds an unstamped envelope addressed simply to "God." Inside is a letter written in a shaky hand, from an old woman. She has been robbed, she says, of the $100 she needs to get by for the rest of the month and will have to go hungry without it if she doesn't receive divine intervention.
Deeply touched, the worker passes the hat among his fellow postal employees. They dig deep and get close to

what she needs, collecting $95, which they send special delivery to the old woman.
A week later, the same postal worker recognizes the same handwriting on another envelope. He opens the letter and reads: "Dear God. Thank you for the $100 -- it really helped me out. P.S. It was $5 short, but that was probably those thieving bastards at the post office."

"Changes in Latitudes" In July it will be 30 years since, we went to St. Petersburg and played the Suncoast Suns in the Bayfront Center Arena. (Demolished in 2004)  Hacksaw and Beak took their sons and Friedlander in Beak's 1979 Silverado SUV.  They camped in Disney World for a few days, then met the Duffer plane at the airport.  Several months later, Ann Jillian posed for Duffers in one of our new unapproved Duffer "sweater". 
Scan301.jpg (222967 bytes) Scan282.jpg (182270 bytes)
Scan302.jpg (205567 bytes)

(Above) 40 year old Frank

(Right) 39 year old Beak with Wally and Geno

Scan306.jpg (110034 bytes)
Scan307.jpg (213203 bytes) Scan289.jpg (267688 bytes)
Scan303.jpg (180389 bytes) Scan114.jpg (353856 bytes)
Scan40.jpg (230476 bytes)

Hacksaw teaches  his son Mike how to be a stick boy.

Scan39.jpg (254898 bytes)

Beak and the boys

Scan46.jpg (228399 bytes) Scan45.jpg (329016 bytes)

(Above) Beak makes friends in Disney World

(Left) 9 year old Tweedy takes the long way around his Dad's new friend.


Scan47.jpg (323984 bytes)

17 year old Grandpa Ken Takes his little brother Dan out for a spin.  Zoren took his brother out too.

Scan48.jpg (322500 bytes)

Once out in the lake, they dumped their brothers so that they could go faster.

Scan49.jpg (317841 bytes)

The Geek goes for a ride.

Scan63.jpg (494990 bytes)

Wally asks to see Geno's eye Geno hands him his glass eye. 

Scan88.jpg (406779 bytes)

(Above) Geek, Sod Buster, Beak, Slime dog and Fred

(Right) Geek, Liz and Hal the mailman


Scan89.jpg (381508 bytes)

They were in love

Scan92.jpg (437200 bytes)

(Above) Slime Dog, Wally, Dan Mazanec and Frank

(Right) Slime Dog


Scan91.jpg (428899 bytes)
Scan94.jpg (221990 bytes) Scan97.jpg (243334 bytes)

We were on the 10 O'clock news while Pat Hickey was pounding one of the Suncoast Suns. (The guy jumped Ken)

Scan98.jpg (248962 bytes)

They got up and shook hands

Scan101.jpg (299052 bytes)

That was the most excitement St. Petersburg had all summer

Scan121.jpg (401911 bytes)

Beak carves up Magoo

Scan105.jpg (472976 bytes)

Looks like Hacksaw is snorting, but his contact was out

Scan112.jpg (203509 bytes)

Former Chick Magnet

Scan106.jpg (480942 bytes)

(Above) The Kids make lunch

(Right) Beak and Hacksaw get some food.

Scan107.jpg (322368 bytes)
Scan174.jpg (187850 bytes)

Our eligible bachelor, Fred

Scan170.jpg (475186 bytes)

(Above) The King, Slime Dog and Titz

(Below) Alien and Thor cruse the crease 

Scan173.jpg (204606 bytes)


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