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Geno's Hot, Fruit Cake is Warm!

Romeoville, IL 03/27/09
Fan Attendance 4
The Goalies were Hot!
Tom Ambrosia's Report:

You missed a great game. Reds - 7 & Whites - 6. It was tied 6 to 6 in the third and Mini-Whezzer scored the game winner, with his wife cheering him on. We had four fans in the stands, which is a packed house for a Duffers game.

Reds goals = Geno = 4, Tommy O = 1, Bobka factor = 1, & Mini-Whezzer =1
Whites goals = Robby = 3, Terry =1, T&A = 1, & either BBTW or Art. (Mike said it was Stump)
The Reds won the contest at BWW as well!  T&A*
*Terry says Thanks for the goal, but he was on the Red Team.

Beak and Uncle Bob at Diamondback Stadium

Fred's Report:

I remember it was end-to-end action most of the game but the best happened with about 12 seconds left. With the Reds pressing in the White's zone, somehow the puck came out to center ice and went sliding toward the

Anvil. Piggy Bank made a dash for the puck and so did the Anvil, who won the race. Eddie flipped the puck back toward the White zone to seal the win with about 6 seconds left. The crowd went wild as Eddie pumped his fists in jubilation. He was then swarmed by the Red bench.  My goal was the second for the Reds and I was instructed not to score so early in the game because the value of the Factor was diminished.
Thanks, Fred

Tweedy's correction:
Terry was on Red and he did not score, I know Stump, T.O, Art and Robbie definitely had one for the white. Red scorers are all correct.  Tweedy
V-Man's correction: I scored!

Beak and Bob visited Cooperstown

Quote of the Week

When Omar Casadia was announced as the next pitcher, Uncle Bob said, "That guy is making me hungry!" Click Here for More Arizona pictures.

Bob has a burger at the Heart Attack Grill.

3-22sox-As.JPG (2620907 bytes)

Bob and Cindi picked me up at the Airport and took me to Denny's for a Grand Slam.  We then went to see the Sox beat the A's 12-10 with many wind blown home runs.

3-23-Cubs-As.JPG (3079254 bytes)

On Monday, we went back to Oakland's Park and watched the Cubs score 20 runs.  The wind was blowing out again, but  only Lee and Bako were able to leave the yard.

AZ 002.jpg (2358623 bytes)

Bob's Aloe vera plant came in handy for our baked skin.

AZ 004.jpg (1592777 bytes)

This busy Bee was pollinating while I got some Aloe lotion.

AZ 013.jpg (1298469 bytes) AZ 014.jpg (1319980 bytes)
AZ 015.jpg (1289540 bytes) AZ 012.jpg (1295787 bytes)
AZ 030.jpg (1692506 bytes) AZ 020.jpg (1753818 bytes)
AZ 038.jpg (1236285 bytes) AZ 040.jpg (1922556 bytes)
AZ 043.jpg (1574742 bytes)

After the game we went for a refreshing swim.

AZ 045.jpg (1286073 bytes)

Remember No Neck Williams? Bob has him beat.

AZ 047.jpg (1385785 bytes)

On Tuesday we went to Ho Ho Kam Park and saw the Cubs edge the Rockies 9-8. 

AZ 055.jpg (1330796 bytes)

Bob was thrilled when he got to meet Jordana, the star of the TBS show, My Boys.

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