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Pictures from our Texas trip.

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December 31st, 2003


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We took a driving break in Odessa, where we walked around a huge Meteor Crater.

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This is an Artist conception of the Meteor Blast that created the crater.



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They had an information center that was complete with rest rooms.

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Texas oil wells are all around the crater.



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The crater was over 100 feet deep 25,000 years ago, but rain and wind has filled most of it with soil and rocks.

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There were even some tough trees in there.


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When we left the Crater site, we stopped to take these pictures at a ranch.

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Our granddaughter Grace loves cows and Michelle loves horses .



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We raced the Sun to El Paso in my electric car.  Gas was only $1.29 in Oklahoma and only a dime higher in Texas.

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We lost the race with the Sun, even though the speed limits were 75 mph and we were doing 80 most of the way.

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