Cure for Cabin Fever

My Doctor told me to take a Vicodin or have an Amstel.  9 days after my hip was replaced, Frank picked me up and we went to The Neutral Zone, where I had 2 Amstel Lights.
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19 days after hip replacement surgery, I had to get out, so Carole took me for a ride.

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We went to see some cool cars at Bonos Cruzin Saturday night.

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Ken and Jeff show off the coolest car.

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My Grandson Jeff and his neighbor Rick.

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Jeff and Rick with the Duffers favorite waitress.  She can't wait for hockey season.

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Ken's 57 Chevy, Diesel truck and Trailer in the background.

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This car is one of a kind.  The owner took 2 cars and cut them in half then he welded them back to back. He then rigged up the drive system to be powered by 2 engines!  One under the hood and one in the trunk.
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Michael came over to check out his watermelon plant (above) and this mutant tomato with a beak. (Left)

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Grace chased a rabbit out of the garden.

Dan brought his lovely ladies over on Saturday.


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On my second day home, Grace and Audrey came over. I also started Physical Therapy at home on that day. Pizza Party on day 11.

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