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August 31, 2000 Reporters Cammi Granato *** Rich Storm

Summer Fun
 In the July 14th Duffer news, Beak proposed a trip to Wally World.  On August 10th, Six Duffers headed for the Florida Keys to see an old retired Duffer in Marathon.  We had a lot of fun and now we owe a lot of Money. Don Granato has moved up to the AHL as he was named the head coach of the Worcester Ice Cats.

We are in the Marathon North Parking lot waiting for Wally.

Frank never laughs.

Hugs for old friends!

Wally and Jim let their hands do the talking.

Five men in a boat.

Klinger gets his camera and his dollar Hat.

Wally takes us out to sea.

The captain gives a tour.

We rented a boat, but it wasn't sea worthy.

Flagler's 7 mile Railroad bridge.

Hacksaw has a pelican pay him a visit

The Pelican takes off.

Bill and Hacksaw fish for shark.

George helps Klinger and Thor install a GPS unit in the boat.

Beak and the King enjoy the salt spray, as they head toward the old Flagler railroad bridge.  Beak hangs on to his $1.00 K-Mart hat.

Wally follows Thor's lead out to sea.

Klinger slices the Jack tuna fish that he and Thor caught.

It is a messy job, but someone has to do it.

Thor and Boris look for the coral reef so that they can snorkel.  The King fills his float vest with cigar smoke so that he can take a puff while he snorkels.

Wally gets ready to free the Nurse Shark that Boris caught on the pier.

Knarf and the King clean up the boat and dock.

Beak's dollar hat looks much better on his grand daughter.


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