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After 50 years of marriage, Carole and I decided to celebrate our Golden Anniversary at the same place that we went to for our honeymoon back in 1961.   I posted pictures from our trip and received many e-mails wishing us the best.  I found a few slides that I took back in 1961, so I added them to this page.

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Turn your speakers on to hear "Memories are Made of This" by Dean Martin.  (Sorry, the music will not play on a Mac) 

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Our shower with Aunt Bella on the left and Mrs. Cowley on the right

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Carole and me with our moms at the shower.

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Mackanic Island looked the same.

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Carole was ready to roll.

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Our first fight.

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It ended in a cease fire.

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The Grand Hotel looked the same 50 years ago

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I brought my darts and dart board on our Honeymoon!

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The brand new 5 mile long Mackanic Bridge is in the background.

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We rented bicycles and drove the 8 miles around the Island.

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We started our Anniversary Week by watching Michelle's softball team win a tournament championship in Joliet.

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Michelle and three of her teammates were given special tournament awards.  Click here for more pictures here.

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Our first stop was the 4 Winds Casino in New Buffalo we had lunch and Carole was winning, so we stayed over our time.

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We drove through some bad weather and finally arrived in Bear Lake after 9:00 while Downers Grove was surviving a tornado.

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We had a free breakfast then headed out for St Ignace.

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A raccoon with a beer can always deserves a picture.

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The motel owner was happy to see us since the place was empty. 

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We drove 338 miles the first day.

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There were a lot of classic cars in Traverse City

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We put in 8 gallons of gas here.

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We went to the mall and got new shoes and a new phone for Carole.

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We stopped here for lunch and let the storm pass.

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The heavy fog made us cross the Mackinac Bridge at 20 mph

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We had a beautiful view of Lake Huron from our porch 

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We got some free money at the Casino in St. Ignace, so we took advantage, this time I won some cash and a free jacket for Carole

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The jacket came in handy when we headed for Mackinac Island.  Our calendar said it was summer, but not in the Upper Peninsula.

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We bought a guide book to the Island I should read it now.

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The Grand Hotel finally became visible through the fog

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Carole's Free jacket came in handy

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The fog lifted enough for us to see the historic light house

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Lilacs were in bloom a little later than in Illinois

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We strolled around town

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Bought some post cards

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We had a nice lunch here

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It was raining outside, so we headed over to the hotel

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The Esther Williams Pool

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Just a few of the thousands of geraniums that line the long porch.

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We had dinner at the Jockey Club 

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There was an old time phone booth

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We enjoyed our breakfast in the Grand Dinning Hall.

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Breakfast with a view

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We went to town and took a carriage tour

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There were 25 people and 2 quiet dogs on our carriage

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Our tour ended at the Fort Mackinac 

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We tried to walk back to the hotel, but Carole's knees balked

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This lovely couple gave us a ride to the Grand Hotel

100_3147.JPG (772257 bytes)

Their horse left us farewell gift

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Back in our room, it was time to dress for dinner

100_3166.JPG (1009567 bytes)

We had a peeping bird on our railing

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This dinning hall can seat 1000 people!

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We had live music as we dined

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Outdoor chess game

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So many cute things to see

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The Grand Hotel was like a museum

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Our 3rd day on the Island, the Sun finally showed up

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Before boarding the boat for St. Ignace, we paid a visit to the Murray Hotel, where we spent a night 50 years ago on our honeymoon.  We paid $7.00 for the night, we got a room with a bathroom. A room without was only $5.00

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We boarded the boat and watched Mackinac Island fade away

100_3233.JPG (451182 bytes)

We had clear skies on the way out

100_3237.JPG (507913 bytes) 100_3241.JPG (882508 bytes)
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The historic 1895 Round Island Lighthouse 

100_3247.JPG (1003207 bytes)

Our last look at the Grand Hotel

100_3253.JPG (646002 bytes)

The 5 mile long Mackinac Bridge

100_3254.JPG (788726 bytes)

We spent our last night in Green Bay at the Radison

100_3260.JPG (2780559 bytes)

We invited our family over to celebrate our 50th anniversary

100_3259.JPG (2701578 bytes)

We came home to see tornado damage in Downers Grove that hit on the evening that we left town.  Many homes were without power for days, We were lucky, our house never lost power. 

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Dan volunteered to do the cooking

100_3311.JPG (2402753 bytes)

Ken took some logs home with Luke's help

100_3312.JPG (1987008 bytes)

Then he taught the kids how to push a broom. There are no air polluting blowers allowed at my house.

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Click here for more information on the Grand Hotel.

Here's to 50 more great years

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