Resume for Greg Lopatka
Professional Background

Present Position: Self employed consultant. Retired after 39 years of service with the Chicago Public Schools.
Major University Year
Bachelor of Education Math and Education Northeastern Illinois 1962
Master of Education Admin. & Supervision Loyola of Chicago 1967
Other Training
(Seminars, Graduate Courses, and Workshops)
                 Area                                                      Institution
Seasons and Biomes University of Alaska, Fairbanks 2007
Classroom Internet  Bureau of Ed. & Research         2001 
Using the Internet  Institute for Ed. Development    2000
Internet Strategies  Bureau of Ed. & Research         1999
Educational Technology   Midwest Visual                    1997-98
GLOBE Workshop  William & Mary College            1996
Communicable Diseases  Museum of Surgical Sciences     1996
GLOBE Workshop  University Of Illinois Urbana     1995
Educational Technology Midwest Visual                          1994
Hands on Science  Oak Brook                                1994
Hubble Space Telescope   Adler Planetarium                    1993
Test Tube Zoo Brookfield Zoo                          1993
Conservation Chicago Academy of Science     1993
Zoology Shedd Aquarium                        1992
Physics  Argonne National Lab               1992
Physiology  Museum of Science & Industry  1992
Volcanology  Museum of Natural History       1992
Dinosaurs  Museum of Natural History       1992
Audio Visual Ed (Laser Disk) Optical Data Corp.                    1992
Anthropology  Adler Planetarium                      1991
Hands on Biology  North Eastern Ill. University      1991
Ecology  National Louis University          1991
Math Methods  CPS Staff Development              1991
Writing Composition  CPS Staff Development              1991
Microcomputer  CPS Staff Development              1990
Chemical Education CPS Staff Development              1990
Microscopy  Argonne National Lab               1990
Spectral Analysis  Argonne National Lab               1989
Visualizations in Sci.Computing Adler Planetarium                      1989
 Making a Telescope  Adler Planetarium                      1988
Evening Sky Adler Planetarium                      1987
Halley's Comet  Adler Planetarium                      1986
Commodities  Security Schools                         1985
Night Sky  Adler Planetarium                      1984
Exploring Space by Computer Adler Planetarium                      1983
Physical Education Ice Hockey College of DuPage                     1982
Environmental Studies George Williams College            1977
Using the Telescope Adler Planetarium                      1977
Outdoor Education  Northern Illinois University       1976


Teaching Positions

School                            Level                   Subjects                             Year
Beethoven                    5th                      Departmental Science         1963-63
Beethoven                    3rd                     General Classroom             1964-67
Beethoven                    4th                     General Classroom             1968-70
Beethoven                    4th                     ESEA Reading                    1971-72
Beethoven                   School                Audio-Visual Coordinator  1973-74
Camp Ravenswood     11th&12th          Guidance Counselor           1974-75
Camp Ravenswood     3rd-8th               Naturalist                            1975-76
Camp Ravenswood    Administrator     Coordinator                        1976-80
Randolph                   6th                     General Classroom              1980-81
Randolph                   7th-8th               Language Arts                     1982-84
Randolph                   7th-8th               Departmental Science          1985-86
Randolph                   4th-8th              Science LabTeacher              1986-98
Randolph                   4th-6th              Technology Coordinator      1998-00
Randolph                  Science LabTeacher and Webmaster               2000-01

Visit the following web site to see the web page that I created and some of the school activities.

 Administrative Positions

Place                                    Title                                           Year

Camp Ravenswood            Resident Camp Coordinator         1976-80
Randolph                          Assistant Principal                         1989-90

                               Other Positions

Chicago Park Dist.Recreation Leader                                             1960-65
Downers Grove South High Hockey Club President                        1976-82
Downers Grove Little League Coach                                               1969-75
Downers Grove Junior Hockey Coach                                            1979-81
Downers Grove Bantam Hockey Coach                                          1984-86
Collins Commodities Employee Instructor                                     1986-87
St. Rita High School Varsity Hockey Coach                                   1988-95
Adler Planetarium Week-end & Summer Astronomy Instructor     1980-92
Adler Planetarium Sky Show Presenter                                           1987-89
Chicago Teachers Union Delegate at Randolph                              1986-2000
Astronomy Guest Speaker at Suburban Libraries                          1985-98
GLOBE Teacher Trainer at U. of IL Urbana                              August 1995
Gifted Aerospace Teacher Trainer                                              July 1996
GLOBE Teacher Trainer at Drexel U. in Philadelphia                August, 1996
GLOBE Teacher Trainer at University of Iowa                          October, 1997
GLOBE Teacher Trainer at Ohio Aerospace Institute                November, 1996
Gifted Star Lab Teacher Trainer                                                February 1997
GLOBE Teacher Trainer at U of IL Urbana                              March, 1997
GLOBE Teacher Trainer at U of New Hampshire                     April, 1997
GLOBE Teacher Trainer at U of Colorado                               January, 1998
Gifted Aerospace Teacher Trainer                                            July, 1997-98
Gifted Star Lab Teacher Trainer                                              July, 1997-98
GLOBE Teacher Trainer at Ohio Aerospace Institute              November, 1998
GLOBE Teacher Trainer at New Mexico                                  May, 1999
Teacher Trainer for Area 7 HUB Web Page design                   July 1999
Web Page design for Area 7 HUB                                            September 1999
GLOBE Teacher Trainer at Charleston SC                              October, 1999
GLOBE Teacher Trainer at Westchester PA                             October, 2000                                                                   GLOBE Teacher Trainer at Naperville School District              September 2003 to 2015 


                             Efficiency Ratings

Place                          Administrator                Rating                          Year
Beethoven                Theodore H Lewis           Superior                      1964-67
Beethoven                Dr. Melvin Lubershane   Superior                       1968-74
Camp Ravenswood  Daniel Trahey                  Superior                      1975-80
Randolph                Richard Firman               Superior                       1980-85
Randolph                Dr.Schroeder                   Superior                       1986-87
Randolph                Spencer Adams               Superior                       1988-89
Randolph                Theodore Washington    Superior                       1989-98
Randolph                James Felton                  Superior                       1999-00

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