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Michael Gets the Game Ball!

Romeoville, IL 05/15/2008
Attendance 190
Michael gets 3 hits and 2 RBI

Michael was pitching in Tuesday's game, and he had a ball bounce up and hit him in the lip.  He was back in action 2 days early and he had a great day, going 3 for 3 with 2 runs batted in. 

  • While playing short stop, he scooped up a ground ball and threw it toward first and almost got an out. 

Michael had a bad hop hit him in the lip in the last game.

  • The weather was a little better than the frigid first 2 games

When Michael was sent to play right field, he quoted a song and told his grandpa that he was going out to watch the dandelions grow.  That song goes on to say that little leaguers never have lefties that pull.  Michael proved that quote wrong, when he pulled a single out to right field and woke up the Dodgers' right fielder.  Turn up the volume to listen to the song, "Right Field". 

After the game, coach awarded the game ball to Michael for his outstanding play in the game.  Michael then led the team in the 1-2-3 Phillies' Cheer!

Michael Shows his Game Ball to the Media.!

For more pictures, go to:

08-05-15Gameball 007.jpg (1896923 bytes) 08-05-15Gameball 020.jpg (1444460 bytes)
08-05-15Gameball 022.jpg (1023517 bytes)

A base hit up the middle.

08-05-15Gameball 024.jpg (1178459 bytes)

A run batted in.

08-05-15Gameball 032.jpg (1439745 bytes) 08-05-15Gameball 033.jpg (1577303 bytes)
08-05-15Gameball 035.jpg (1772269 bytes) 08-05-15Gameball 050.jpg (1704673 bytes)
08-05-15Gameball 052.jpg (1367049 bytes)

He pulled it to right!

08-05-15Gameball 054.jpg (1069619 bytes)

Another RBI!

08-05-15Gameball 058.jpg (1453530 bytes)

Put me in Coach!

08-05-15Gameball 059.jpg (1581272 bytes)

Can I pitch?

08-05-15Gameball 068.jpg (1126980 bytes)

08-05-15Gameball 093.jpg (1870433 bytes)

Here comes the pitch...

08-05-15Gameball 069.jpg (1373040 bytes)

08-05-15Gameball 100.jpg (1294621 bytes)

There goes another hit!

08-05-15Gameball 106.jpg (1129546 bytes)

08-05-15Gameball 112.jpg (1047077 bytes)

Going for 2

08-05-15Gameball 107.jpg (1130599 bytes)

08-05-15Gameball 113.jpg (1079381 bytes)

Here comes the throw.

08-05-15Gameball 120.jpg (1224046 bytes)

Going to Third

08-05-15Gameball 129.jpg (1579087 bytes)

Heading for Home

08-05-15Gameball 138.jpg (1242019 bytes)

08-05-15Gameball 136.jpg (1352188 bytes)

08-05-15Gameball 140.jpg (1267424 bytes)

08-05-15Gameball 137.jpg (1416506 bytes)

08-05-15Gameball 139.jpg (1385135 bytes)

08-05-15Gameball 142.jpg (1282343 bytes)

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