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Some of the pictures below were taken from the 700 photos that Darren placed on the Walgreens' site. Others are scans of my Mom's pictures.  You can click on some of them to see the full resolution picture.

 If you can help name some of the mystery people or places, please E-mail Me at: g.lopatka@comcast.net

My Grandpa with Uncle George

(Above) Aunt Anna Wijas with ?

(Right) Aunt Anna with Adeline


Anna-Adeline1921homer.jpg (135305 bytes)  

(Above) Aunt Anna with ?

Looks like my Mom and Dad


Aunt Clara and Uncle Ben with their Daughter Lorain

Aunt Clara and Our Grandma with their Lorain

joe-chickens.jpg (49482 bytes)

Cousin Joe and one of the chickens that we had for dinner.  That is me with the Donald Duck mask.


Herb Emma Isabel.jpg (670166 bytes)

Dad and his sisters, Emma and Isabel

dad1916.jpg (737442 bytes)

My Dad in 1916


dad-me.jpg (124759 bytes)

My Dad with Herb or Me?

My Grandma with ?

frank-emma.jpg (47368 bytes)

Aunt Emma holding Marcella with Josie and Frank

frank-josie2.jpg (45381 bytes)

Cousins Josie and Frank Zimny

Bunny1937.jpg (141881 bytes)

Cousins Josie and Frank Zimny


Uncle Frank with Frank and Josie

gramps&kids.jpg (86956 bytes)

My Grandpa with Herb, Josie, Frank and Me.

My Grandpa 

gramps-grandma.jpg (223204 bytes)

My Grandpa and Grandma

grandma.jpg (48396 bytes)

Grandma with Barbara and Joe

dad-group.jpg (52511 bytes)

My family at Aunt Anna's house

cary-IL2.jpg (131614 bytes)


Uncle George

Herb in drag

Mom and someone

alagator1.jpg (41347 bytes)

I don't know what this was all about.

hallowee.jpg (52632 bytes)

My cousin Joe cleaned up a lot of the scans I made and posted them on his website- here is the link. They are mostly of Irene's side.  http://gallery.mac.com/joeurbz#100182&bgcolor=black&view=grid
Daren's scans are on the Walgreen Site at: VIEW MY PHOTOS

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